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Container Unloaded 2016!

Prayers have been answered, a Bible already given to an African in need! Yes, the container arrived a few hours ago and was unloaded in double quick time.

The short term mission team, Team SA, were here to unload what they loaded in Michigan! Two men each from Central Christian Church in Battle Creek, two from Northview Christian Church in Coldwater and two from Lake James Christian Assembly now have sore backs, strained shoulders and happy smiles.

The driver of the delivery truck, Bro Charlie (click to read more…)

News & Reports


Sea Container Arrives In Harbor – 2016

Took pic of what I had hoped to be “our” container ship sitting in Table Bay, yesterday (Sunday). Steve has confirmed that it is “ours” and will be hopefully coming in tomorrow (Tuesday) if winds die down.

Have a terrific day!

Sara Z

News & Reports

Container Winter 2015

Bibles For Africa Update Winter 2015

The container was loaded in Quincy (MI) last month by a team from several different churches in the area — Coldwater (MI), Battle Creek (MI), Stroh (IN) and Lake Area (IN), all under the supervision of Bob Snyder. It contains 980 boxes and packs, almost 3500 Bibles and New Testaments of different translations (English and French), Halley’s Handbooks, Sunday School and VBS materials and reference books (dictionaries and encyclopedias). The team loaded the container quickly and efficiently.

It is currently in Norfolk (VA) awaiting transshipment to Rotterdam (Holland) and then to Cape Town. (click to read more…)

News & Reports


Field Report 2015 – Personal

My sister, Sara, has permanently relocated to Cape Town. It was a tough decision for her but she is very happy here. Already, Sara is working with the Ingwe Care/TLC team and has assumed the duties of secretary for us. (click to read more…)