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Field Report 2015 – Personal

My sister, Sara, has permanently relocated to Cape Town. It was a tough decision for her but she is very happy here. Already, Sara is working with the Ingwe Care/TLC team and has assumed the duties of secretary for us. (click to read more…)

News & Reports

Field Report 2015 – Gospel 101 Team

The evangelism team has been very active. The quartet (Bros Eric, Linda, Barry and Hamilton) regularly meets every two weeks in my home for teaching, discussion, planning and reporting. They are committed to broadcast the gospel as far and wide as they are able.  (click to read more…)

News & Reports


Field Report 2015 – Bibles For Africa

There are no more books, Bibles or teaching materials in the warehouse. Every scrap of Christian material has been distributed within Cape Town, outlying districts and communities and outside South Africa as far away as, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria!

Two groups of Nigerian pastors, who were studying theology programs at Stellenbosch University, came to avail themselves of the Bibles and books. The first group consisted of 16 and the second, 18. They were passed onto me by my fellow Trustee of Anathoth Christian Retreat Center, Dr Hendricks, and were amazed that there was so much to chose from. Each group tossed aside their clothing, shoes and anything that could be spared in order to lighten their luggage for the flight home. All discarded items were donated to the CBS for our students!

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News & Reports


Field Report 2015 – Cape Bible Seminary

Three new contact churches have asked for Cape Bible Seminary classes. Again, this is via the distribution of Bibles, VBS/SS materials, etc from the McLaughlin New Life Center. Very quickly, through the cooperation of their pastors, a CBS class was organized in Bloekombos, one of the poorest townships in the city. They decided to bring all the congregations together in one venue for classes every Monday and Thursday, for two hours each night! In the middle of the Cape winter, heavy rains, cold winds and early darkness, I thought that there wouldn’t be a good attendance. (click to read more…)