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Life is an Incredible Adventure or Nothing at All!

TLC/Ingwe Care has hosted the 6th group of French students from La Rochele in France. Although not Christians, every one of them have served in the children’s ministries selflessly, tirelessly and have had exposure to the Christian message. They are keen to help on a humanitarian basis.

The latest group consisted of Remy Delpit, Celine Potiron and Martin Barbot. While working and seeing the sights, Martin Barbot compiled and edited this video with music. We had a farewell for them last night and he presented it to me.

It is called “Life is an Incredible Adventure or Nothing at All!”

– Steve Zimmerman

News & Reports


People Into Africa 2016

We are planning a mission’s trip to Cape Town in 2016. There are a number of projects we and mission we are planning on accomplishing while there.

My goal was to initially create a renewed interest in short term mission trips, by having supporting churches to send a representative, and to experience first hand the value of the mission field.

That each team member will have a life changing experience connecting with new brothers and sisters in Christ.  Looking for Christians being called by God to serve in His Kingdom.

We are able to accept just a few more for this upcoming trip. If you are interested please email Dave Foust (me) for more details at dlfoust1@gmail.com.

News & Reports


Bible Into Africa 2015 Update

Boxes of Bibles were sent in last year’s container which arrived in August, the day after I left Cape Town to fly to theStates. The Angola Christian Church received letters from Celestine in Kenya and Brother John in Nigeria, urgently requesting Bibles which they heard, via the grapevine, were stored in the McLaughlin New Life Center. (click to read more…)

News & Reports

Donald Neuenschwander 1923-2015

Don NeuenschwanderDonald Eugene Neuenschwander, age 91, of Angola died peacefully on Monday, June 22, 2015. Don Neuenschwander served on the South African Christian Board for many years. His wife, Ann, served as the Forwarding Agent from the beginning of the mission in 1965 the late 1990’s when her daughter-in-law became the Forwarding Agent.

The Mission Board and Steve Zimmerman are thankful for his years of service and support on behalf of the Lord.

Ann Neuenschwander and the family have requested any memorial gifts can can be made in Don’s name to the South African Christian Mission (c/o Bea Mielke, 2141 Big Cypress Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33810-2309) of which Don was a long-time board member. (click to read more…)