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Field Report 2015 – Bibles For Africa

There are no more books, Bibles or teaching materials in the warehouse. Every scrap of Christian material has been distributed within Cape Town, outlying districts and communities and outside South Africa as far away as, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria!

Two groups of Nigerian pastors, who were studying theology programs at Stellenbosch University, came to avail themselves of the Bibles and books. The first group consisted of 16 and the second, 18. They were passed onto me by my fellow Trustee of Anathoth Christian Retreat Center, Dr Hendricks, and were amazed that there was so much to chose from. Each group tossed aside their clothing, shoes and anything that could be spared in order to lighten their luggage for the flight home. All discarded items were donated to the CBS for our students!

Direct pleas for Bibles were made to the Angola Christian Church from churches in Nigeria and Kenya and were passed along to me via Pete Decker. I informed him that both countries were thousands of miles north and postage would be expensive. Pete organized the funds from the church and I sent two boxes of NIV Bibles to each church. Their gratitude and joy was overwhelming. It shows just how much the Word impacts people who sincerely seek Him.

Rusty Draper (Zephyr Christian Church) has donated several boxes of French Bibles and New Testaments in French for the refugees in the city. I usually keep a bag in the trunk of my car and most of the parking attendants are French speaking Africans thousands of miles from their homeland. Now, whenever I visit a shopping center or park at a mall, I am enthusiastically greeted by those who have French Bibles. Their friends and fellow workers crowd around and ask for their own.

Another container is being prepared and Bob Snyder has reported that a load is ready to be shipped. Three churches, which have never participated in the Bibles for Africa Project, had collections. The Kentwood Christian Church (MI), which collected over 1500 Bibles, the United Church of Los Alamos (NM) and the Holy Cross Church (SC). The Bibles from Kentwood are already with Bob. One collections from New Mexico and South Carolina are in transit to Bob. Both churches responded during my visits with them during furlough. The United Church already supports SACM. The Holy Cross Church made contact through my son, Kent, and his mother-in-law, Jane Bullock, who attend there.

I am currently awaiting a response from MOL Shippers, who donated the sea freight for the last two containers. I have contacted Tracy, the Operations Director, but she has not yet responded. Please keep this in prayer. I know she will answer within the next few days.

The impact these Bibles have made in incalculable. So many don’t have one in their home and desperately need one. Many others share the Word with their neighbors and friends. I am contacted by pleas from so many cities and communities within South Africa and many beyond its borders. God speaks and people need to hear His voice.

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Field Report 2015 – Cape Bible Seminary

Three new contact churches have asked for Cape Bible Seminary classes. Again, this is via the distribution of Bibles, VBS/SS materials, etc from the McLaughlin New Life Center. Very quickly, through the cooperation of their pastors, a CBS class was organized in Bloekombos, one of the poorest townships in the city. They decided to bring all the congregations together in one venue for classes every Monday and Thursday, for two hours each night! In the middle of the Cape winter, heavy rains, cold winds and early darkness, I thought that there wouldn’t be a good attendance. (click to read more…)

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September 2015 Update


Thank you for your prayers and support for Steve & Sana as they work and train those in South Africa. 

Bibles are still being collected and monies raised for the next container. While we are getting closer to being ready to ship there is still time to send a special contribution for Bibles or boxes of collected to Bob Snyder and Dave Foust in Coldwater, MI.

A real praise came recently from the congregation at Central Christian Church in Battle Creek, MI. They have been collecting money for Bibles all summer. They wanted to know the cost of the Bibles. We are able to purchase NIV Economy Outreach Bible (Softcover – 10 Cases of 28, 280 Total Bibles) for  $376.74 or  NIV Economy Outreach Bible (Softcover – Case of 28) for $50.23.

Great news is that they collected $1356.10!

The Fall Meeting for the South African Christian Mission is at the Stroh Church of Christ (directions)  October 3, 2015 at 11:00 am – 1:00 pm EST. A lunch will be share together following the meeting.  (click to read more…)

News & Reports

Life is an Incredible Adventure or Nothing at All!

TLC/Ingwe Care has hosted the 6th group of French students from La Rochele in France. Although not Christians, every one of them have served in the children’s ministries selflessly, tirelessly and have had exposure to the Christian message. They are keen to help on a humanitarian basis.

The latest group consisted of Remy Delpit, Celine Potiron and Martin Barbot. While working and seeing the sights, Martin Barbot compiled and edited this video with music. We had a farewell for them last night and he presented it to me.

It is called “Life is an Incredible Adventure or Nothing at All!”

– Steve Zimmerman