“In the Lord Jesus, I know, and I’m sure that nothing is unholy in and of itself unless it becomes unholy to the person who thinks it is unholy.” Rom 14:14 (Simple English Bible)

It was a silly argument. One of the ladies who regularly cleaned the church building, was adamant that only the emblems and a lace doily could be present on the communion table. No Bibles, books, candlesticks, flowers or anything else could occupy this table. It was exclusively reserved for the embroidered doily and the plates for the bread and serving tray for the grape juice.

Many members considered this to be silly and trite. There was no such thing as a ‘holy table” or holy space. Even the church building was merely a building. Eventually, a spat broke out between a few of the women, creating ripples of discontent in the congregation. The focus became the argument, not the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

Only God is holy. He expects us to participate in His holiness and righteousness. Our focus is always on His Son, Jesus, and the sacrifice that was made for us. Our first obligation is to Him. That’s who we are. We cannot insist on our way of choosing what we think should be holy. Because we are servants of the Most High God.