Bro Charlie, the truck driver who delivered the container to the warehouse, is a refugee from Zimbabwe. He was shocked to see so many boxes of Bibles being unloaded. He’d seen his delivery instructions and noticed the names on the manifest:  Church of Christ, Cape Bible Seminary. On the way to the warehouse, he prayed that God would lead him to brethren who could teach the Word. When he arrived, I greeted him in Shona, his home languages not spoken in SA except among the refugees. He asked about the Bibles and I asked if he needed one.

“Please, brother,” he said, “Do you have a Life Application Bible? I have been looking for one for so long so I can teach my people.”

By ‘coincidence’, one of Team Africa, Matt Love (Lake James Christian Camp and Retreat Center, IN) had brought one with him to donate. Charlie came inside and Matt gave it to him personally. The joy on Charlie’s face and his enthusiasm for the Word was overwhelming! This is exactly what the Bibles for Africa Project is all about. Bring God’s Word to those who hunger and thirst after righteousness!

Since then, Charlie has called me to teach Cape Bible Seminary classes to his group of refugees. There are about forty who are eager to have classes. Sunday afternoon, April 17th, will be the first one. And the teaching will spread much further than this small group. I have learned from teaching and equipping refugees that they take what they have learned and their Bible to their homeland when they visit.

And the gospel goes with them far beyond SA into villages and places where there are no missionaries!