Greetings in Christ! It is good to be present with all of you for this special time of sharing and fellowship. Cape Town is experiencing a severe drought and the projection for winter rains(Jun-Sept) aren’t that positive. We need prayer!


The stacks of Bibles have slowly been decreasing and only ten boxes of new NIVs are left. Rg remaining boxes of used  Bibles and Christian books number about 50. We will run out shortly.

Bro Wallason from Zambia (2000 miles north) came down twice and took about 50 boxes with him to the Christian in southern Zambia. (He ministers to about 200 churches number 65,000 believers.) He is due to visit in June 2017 with his wife and several pastors so I am sure he wants more!

Pastor Pierre from Benin (west Africa) visited in April and he didn’t know which box to choose to take back! He was like a dog with six tails, trying to decide which would make the most impact for his congregations.

Requests continue to pour in from local churches and surrounding areas. Bro Joseph at Mfuleni Township was delighted to invite two of the workers who help load the container to unpack and hand out Bibles to his church! Jim and Shirley Neuenschwander were there to represent everyone who helped load the Bibles in America.

This month, Bro Tony Fernandez, a Portuguese speaker, has organized a special Bible fellowship with the homeless and area congregations, passing out Bibles. He and his co-workers, Lynette and Marcio, are organizing a Bible study group in their home, using teaching materials from the container to empower and strengthen Christians. I believe that they will one day start a home church because they are keen and eager to preach Christ.

*Picture used is from Lake James and this Summer Challenge to collect 20,000 Bibles to ship to Cape Town.