Patrick Gill, Kentwood’s minister, (Grand Rapids) is issuing a challenge to the churches round and about to gather the full 20,000 Bibles for the container! He has asked a network of church member to be ambassadors to gather 500-1000 Bibles each.

If you are willing to be a ‘Bible Ambassador’ please email or call 616.915.2224 and let him know.

From their Facebook post:

Will you be a Bible Ambassador?

A Bible Ambassador commits to raising 500-1000 Bibles (the Bibles can be used or new, paperback, hardback, leather, any size or color, but must be a modern English translation and Study Bibles are the gold standard) by reaching out to communicate, promote, and get individuals and churches involved in collecting Bibles.

Kentwood Christian Church
5841 Kalamazoo Ave. SE.,
Kentwood, MI 49508

*The Bibles are being collected to donate to South African Christian Mission in Cape Town, South Africa.

If you feel led by the Spirit to partner with the Kentwood Christian church, I will send you all the details and information.

Current Bible Ambassador’s
1. Jacob Holmes–Southern Illinois
2. Don Sullivan–Tucson, AZ
3. Ashley Slater–Kalamazoo, MI
4. Duke Gray–Lansing, MI
5. Greg and Karen Hadfield–Detroit, MI
6. Todd and Wendy Ackerman–Byron Center
7. Ben & Carmen Chowning–Valparaiso, IN
8. Jim and Leena Quick–Ada, MI
9. Aletha Buiter, MI