LJCA This furlough was unusual because I was asked to be the resident missionary for all the campers at Lake James. Matt Love, the director, had come to South Africa on a short term mission trip in 2016 and proposed the idea. I would have a chance to speak to every class of campers during the summer to explain the mission and the various ministries. For the smaller kids, it was difficult to relate to them most were interested in animal and snakes!

The faculty and volunteers for each set of campers were great! They helped a lot and I was able to speak to most of them, too. Some have even expressed interest in visiting the mission field.

A startling result emerged from the high school young men and women. Travis Fox (Auburn) asked me if a young lady had asked about a short term mission s trip organized by Lake James I knew nothing about it. He decided to find out how much interest there was among the groups and announced a sign up sheet after my last mission s moment. There wasn t enough paper set out. Over 40 signed up and another 30 expressed interest. Matt Love, Travis, Kevin Petermen (Lake James office manager) and I discussed such a prospect: possibly two mission groups from Lake James to work for a week in South Africa!

My thanks to Matt and his staff for the help and fellowship during my stay Gene and Janet Warstler living at the camp, They have been so welcoming and hospitable, very much like grandparents to me! The camp provided the meals. My heartfelt thanks goes to all of them.