Irma lashed the house all night — huge rains and heavy winds. Sounded like an animal outside trying to get in. Everyone is safe and sound. Electrics still working but water doesn’t.

`Yesterday, as the arms of Irma passed through, it was alternatively heavy downpours and sunshine! Last night, at about 9 pm, the main body ground overhead and unleashed its contents.

Big Cypress Blvd where Walt and Bea live is now Big Cypress River. All streets heavily flooded, water flowing somewhere quickly. House secure, well up from the streets.

My main concern now is whether Tampa International Airport will be opened in time for my Delta flight at 11am tomorrow. I am supposed to fly to Boston, then Amsterdam and finally, Cape Town where my wife and sister are waiting.

Please continue in prayer,



Delta has confirmed all my flights out back to Cape Town.

I fly at 11:15 am tomorrow to Boston, then tomorrow evening, fly east to Amsterdam and Wednesday, back to Cape Town.

My wife and sister will be at the airport to meet me. Sana is even preparing borscht in celebration of my return.

My thanks to everyone and so many dedicated Christians across the US who have helped during this furlough from the Midwest to New Mexico to Calfornia, South Carolina and Florida. Everyone has been so hospitable and thoughtul.


God’s blessings.