Just to let you know,I was caught out by Hurricane Irma. I flew to Hilton Head Island (SC) to visit my son’s family and grandkids and was supposed to return today. It was a great time for a few days with them. But Irma’s approach jammed all flights out of Hilton Head and Savannah before I could fly out. Not a seat empty for anywhere!

Walt rented a car for me from Alamo and I drove down yesterday to Tampa Airport to return the car. (It was a bright red Dodge Challenger, yummy!) The roads south were fairly clear except for junctions, which had backed up for miles. I-95 and I-75 north were parking lots for hundreds of miles! Getting off for lunch at any town was a nightmare. Gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets and roads were jammed so I kept heading south.

Walt and Bea picked me up from the airport’s rental office and drove me to their home in Lakeland. People who have obeyed he Governor’s call for evacuation are inland, here. I am sure all the hotels and accommodation are full already. Walt says his home is constructed to withstand a Cat 3 hurricane so we all should be safe, hunkered down.

I will fly out on Tuesday for Boston, Amsterdam and then Cape Town if all goes well. I have only one more speaking date on Sunday morning, which I will fulfill if possible. I ask for prayers, not only for this home but also for thousands who are on the roads and searching for safety.