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The decision has been made

The decision has been made after input from board members, Steve, Dennis and Vickie and Drew to head on over on a tourist VISA and work the rest out from within South Africa.  I am driving to Chicago tomorrow to go to the South African Consulate to pickup my passport Friday morning.  I have talked to them and they said I just needed to come in and it would be ready for me.  I have booked my flight.

I leave on the 18th of September, spend the 19th of September, which just happens to be my birthday in Frankfurt, Germany, then head to Cape Town for an arrival on September 20th.

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-6 Days to Cape Town

All of my previous newsletters started with my countdown to Cape Town, so I figured why stop now.  I realize that this being my August newsletter, it is quite overdue, but I was holding off so that I could write it on my way to Cape Town.  However, as many of you may already know, I did not get my VISA.  Therefore, I have not yet departed for South Africa.  I have applied for the one-year volunteer VISA that was supposed to take 7-10 days to process.  I hand delivered the application to the South African Consulate in Chicago on Friday, June 1st.  Yes, that was 11.5 weeks ago.  I had sent emails and left several very kind and patient voicemails with no response. 

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