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Steve Surgery Update

Just a small update on Steve.

He went into surgery around 4:00 pm today and came back into his room around 7:30 pm He is in pain, in and out of sleep.

From what I understand from the head nurse (they call them Sisters here)…  She told me they had to make an incision lower abdomen.

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Steve’s Appeal For Prayer and Help

I went under general for a removal of a basal cell carcinoma, which went deeper into my nose that thought. That operation was successful but resulted in no urine flow since last Thursday. I now am hooked to a catheter for the third time. The doctors had hoped that my body would kick start again but it hasn’t happened.

I went to a busy urologist today for a complete exam. Untrasound of kidneys, bladder etc all good. But the prostate is very enlarged. The surgeon wants to operate asap, this Friday. I will either be there overnight or for a few days, depending upon the results. I”m not looking forward to this at all but it is essential.

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The decision has been made

The decision has been made after input from board members, Steve, Dennis and Vickie and Drew to head on over on a tourist VISA and work the rest out from within South Africa.  I am driving to Chicago tomorrow to go to the South African Consulate to pickup my passport Friday morning.  I have talked to them and they said I just needed to come in and it would be ready for me.  I have booked my flight.

I leave on the 18th of September, spend the 19th of September, which just happens to be my birthday in Frankfurt, Germany, then head to Cape Town for an arrival on September 20th.

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