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Update – Steve Zimmerman

I wanted to give all of you a brief update of what is happening here since you left.

First, I have had a few e-mails regarding Sana. She is still in Russia and left today for Siberia to visit her Mom. The status with her son isn’t good and she has decided to see me Mom for a little bit during summer. Her recovery from the operation last month is excellent and she has experienced no side effects or other problems. All tests done during her hospital stay are negative. This is an answer to prayer and I must give our Father thanks for His mercies. The double vision problem has lessened, she is taking medication for that and she says every day is an improvement. Her eyes tests again are positive — to damage to her eye, etc. Again, more praise to God!

Second, the situation with Bro Honore has not yet been resolved by the court so they are waiting for an answer from the judge. Read More

Steve and Gospel 101 Team in Port Elizabeth

The Gospel 101 Team along with Mario Lewis in Port Elizabeth hosted a Christian Leadership Workshop for the youth in the nearby gangland township of Helenvale. (Port Elizabeth is about an 8 hour drive from Cape Town along the south coast.) Roger Dickson, a fellow missionary, and I were the teachers. Mario was disappointed that two church groups were not able to attend. Instead, there were local youth of different churches and persuasions came. Some were a little over the age limit for youth – being in their 50’s and 60’s.Read More

Bibles for Africa Project 2018

The response to this initiative has been overwhelming! So many have encouraged their congregations to participate. Patrick Gill spread the word for Bible Ambassadors and set targets for the collection of Bibles. Our goal was 20,000. The kids coming to Lake James Christian camp collected 1500 alone. Since then, the total has increased to over 23,000! This is a tremendous response by so many.

There is one major problem. MOL Shippers, who previously have waived the sea freightRead More