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Gospel 101 Team Update – January 2017

It has been over four months since I returned on furlough to Cape Town. So much has
happened so quickly.

Without me being present to help, the Team organized and conducted a Youth Seminar in Philedephlia, a 20 minute drive outside Cape Town to the north. Young Christian men and
women attended and were encouraged to take part in ministries within their own communities.

The follow up was hosted by Roger Dickson in the northern suburbs of Cape Town shortly after

I returned. Heather Burton and Sydney Spurgeon on a short term mission were also able to attend the large gathering and meet with the various churches, community works and youth. The Team is planning new events for 2018.

Fall Report – Bibles for Africa 2017

Bibles for Africa Project

Dave Foust and Bob Snyder have been amazing in collecting and packing Bibles donated during the summer. The kids at camp brought Bibles with them. A few handed me their personal Bibles before they left. One young man, Zack, a junior high camper, from the Toledo area, went home and got ahold the pastor of his church to clean out their storeroom of Bibles, VBS/SS materials, which were dropped off at camp. (Bob will have the latest update of how many have been collected so far.)

We have cleaned out almost every thrift store, Goodwill and Salvation Army from Grand Rapids to Columbia City (IN) of Bibles. Some were generous enough to donate them free of charge. Mostly, they cost between 25 and 50 cents. Churches have responded, too, and some are still collecting. Patrick Gill, minister at Kentwood Christian Church (MI) has taken it upon himself to appoint Bible Ambassadors to collect between 500-1000 Bibles each to reach the goal of 20,000!

Boxes of Bibles and Christian materials have been dropped off at the doors of Lake James camp. We don’t know who brought them but we are thankful for each donation. The church at Stroh has collected 500 Bibles, too.

At one thrift store in Battle Creek, Bob was told by one of the ladies that there were boxes in the back with Christian materials in them. We could have a look and see if we could use them otherwise, they would be sent to an organization that provides free Bibles to missionaries. Bob followed this up and Dave, Bob and I drove to Fowlerville (MI) to Christian Resources International. There is a big warehouse there and we met the staff who were generous and welcoming. That day, they donated almost 500 lbs of Bibles! I followed up with the executive director, Jason Woolford, via e-mail and we made another journey to Fowlerville to discuss a partnership for Bible distribution – the warehouse in Cape Town could be used as a drop off point for them. Immediately, Jason offered to send 2 container loads of Bibles and Christian books to Cape Town! Currently, we are working out the shipping details. An amazing answer to prayer!

The message this summer was simple:  if you can’t come to South African, be a Bible missionary and send one ahead. Many took this challenge seriously.

Safe though the storm & flight plans

Irma lashed the house all night — huge rains and heavy winds. Sounded like an animal outside trying to get in. Everyone is safe and sound. Electrics still working but water doesn’t.

`Yesterday, as the arms of Irma passed through, it was alternatively heavy downpours and sunshine! Last night, at about 9 pm, the main body ground overhead and unleashed its contents.Read More