Pat’s Mom was rushed to hospital this weekend and it seems that there was a heart blockage and possible stroke or mini-stroke. We’ve spoken to her and although she knows what is happening around her, she has been sedated. Tests are being done to see what is happening.

Pat has decided to rush over to the States asap. She leaves for JFK on Weds and arrives early Thurs morning. I’m searching now for fares from JFK to Midway outside Chicago on the same day (June 29th) and Dave McL is contacting the Whites to see if they can somehow get her down to Lincoln.

Of course, this places tremendous stress on us. We aren’t there and can’t see what is happening. We’d appreciate your prayers and that of the church, too. (Right now, the financial drain isn’t as important as Pat’s being with her Mom. We’ll have to sort that out later.)