Unlike North America, southern Africa doesn’t get snow. Ever! We’re basking in 100 degree heat, feasting on ice cold watermelon from Upington (far north on the Orange River) and enjoying late balmy evenings as the sun sets behind Table Mountain. Not a snowball in sight!

Pat and I have had a rollercoaster year. Pat’s Mom, Lee Sweeney, became very ill midyear and passed away in September. Pat had to fly quickly to the States twice — once when her mother took ill and the second to wind up her estate. Lee was 86 and had only accepted the Lord when she was 62. We will miss her terribly.

Good news is that all our sons are settled and working in South Carolina. It was difficult for them to find their feet in a “foreign country” which America is to them since they were all born and raised in Africa. But we thank our Father for watching over them and providing the opportunities for their work and progress.

We had visitors this year, too. My brother, Dr John Zimmerman from Seattle;  Dave McLaughlin, the SACM Chairman from Indianapolis;  and Team Dumez (consisting of four Christians, later joined by three more) from Grand Rapids. Each helped within their own special skills and a lot of work was done with their help and dedication.

Many were baptised into Christ in 2006, too. The Cape Bible Seminary classes have continued to grow and change the hearts and minds of Christians, who have gone into their communities and families to spread the Good News. The Bavumeleni Childrens Center has taken in street kids, provided food four afertnoons every week and taught stories and songs about Jesus in one of the poorest townships in the city. The AIDS hospice has also comforted and helped terminally ill AIDS patients and their families.

Pat and I are thankful for God’s blessings through you. We have had so much encouragement support and prayers for the Lord’s work here and despite being so far from home, we are thankful for each one of you.

Our prayer is that you have a joyful and blessed Christmas with your families and loved ones as well as a prosperous New Year in God’s grace.

Steve and Pat Zimmerman S.A. Christian Mission, Cape Town