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Thought for the day notice!

Dear All —

There will be a small break in the Thoughts for the Day, starting from Wednesday, June 19th 2007. Steve will be traveling to Poland for four weeks, having been invited by the head of one of the provinces to assist with a benevolence program.

He will be traveling with friends, who will act as guides and translators. It will be a short break.

The Thought for the Day will resume as usual on July 21st, 2007.

May the Lord continue to bless each one of you.

Thoughts for Tuesday

“Using our gospel, God called you into this. He wanted you to have the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” II Thess 2:14 (Simple English Bible)

You know the feeling:  it’s Christmas, the kids are in bed, some of the presents are under the tree but there’s one or two that are special. They need to be assembled or wrapped while the house is quiet. So, you take extra care and ensure the gift it perfect. When the next day dawns, you are just as expectant as the receiver — when the wrapping is torn away and the present exposed, everybody is delighted, including you!

This is how I picture this very that Paul wrote to the churches in Thessalonika. God had a great and perfect gift, the most joyful and delightful present just for us. All had been prepared since the dawn of Creation and when His Son came, it was ready.

God wanted us to share the glory of His Only Son. He wanted us to be expectant, joyful, happy and delighted. He wanted this special gift, the most precious in all the Universe to be ours.

Do you feel that same thrill? Do you have this gift?

I sure hope so!


Thoughts for Monday

“Put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.” Col 3:10 (NIV)

One of my sons is a bit of a clothes horse. He likes the new fashions and snazzy shirts. When he walks by the window of a clothing store, the discussion usually centered around one item or another. Of course, it is an expensive way to look sharp, too!

Paul writes to the Christian in Colossae about a different kind of clothing — a new self! It is created with the knowledge provided by our Creator. There are many ways to think about this concept but the one I like is this: we can clothe ourselves in His Word and put on a new outlook, a renewed spirit, a new attitude.

When God created man, He did so in His image. And now, we have such blessings and promises made by God that we can participate in His very nature: we become godly, we become holy, we become righteous.


Makes you think, doesn’t it?