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Thoughts for Wednesday

“I consider the sufferings of the present time not worth comparing with the future glory, which will be revealed to us.”  Rom 8:18 (Simple English Bible)

I’ve heard it said that traveling makes you broad and suffering makes you deep. (Personally, I’d rather travel!)

There are people all over the world who are suffering from malnutrition, hunger, disease, war, poverty and social injustices. Even here in Cape Town, just a few miles away, there are families living in cardboard boxes under bridges and in the bush.

Although I’d say that I have “suffered” in my life, compared to these people, I was only inconvenienced. Yet, Christians complain bitterly to their Father when they think they have been malaligned or verbally mistreated in some way. Some have even abandoned the church over a slight by a fellow member.

Paul is trying to tell us that whatever happens to us in this life will be nothing compared to our future glory. Ahead of us, when we are gathered together with our Father in Heaven, all the trials and tribulations of this life will be left far behind.

We are bound for glory!

So, keep your head up! Keep your eyes on the road! Thank our Father for His good mercies and grace!


Thoughts for Tuesday

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the world? Tell me, if you understand!” Job 38:4 (Simple English Bible)

The South African public school system has been changed dramatically in the past decade for better or worse. Some folks appear happy with it;  others bitterly oppose it. During one of my travels, an African teenager asked me a question about physical science — the Theory of Evolution. Since he was also a Christian, this section bothered him a lot. At the end of our discussion, he blurted, “But I don’t want to come from apes!”

God tackles Job by asking him where he came from. Were humans there when God created the world and everything in it? Do we actually know how everything came about from absolutely nothing? How much do we actually understand about our Universe?

The fact of the matter is, no matter how great we think we are, mankind has never actually created anything. All we have done is discover and rediscover the things that God has already put into motion. We cannot rewrite the law of gravity, nor can we alter how things actually work. All we have done is to adapt and assemble what already exists.

We are His creation. We are His workmanship. We are the object of His love.

And He sent is only Son to show us just how much He loved us.

That’s where we come from.


Thoughts for Monday

“I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry.” Ps 40:1 (NIV)

Coming back from a trip to Mossel Bay yesterday, the traffic on the road back to Cape Town was quite heavy. I was accompanied by two teachers who had helped with the teaching at a church in the town.

As I drove into the setting sun, most of the vehicles moved along quite steadily. Except a few who were impatient and ready to break the rules of the road to get ahead. One in particular was so much in a hurry that he drove so close to the rear of our car. I pulled over to allow him through and he gave me an angry honk because I wasn’t fast enough.

David writes in his psalm about being patient, waiting on the Lord. Notice, David didn’t say that his prayer was answered fully and completely but he had the understanding to know that God heard his pleas. We are in a privileged position to be able to approach the Throne of God at any hour under any and all circumstances. We are assured that He will hear us.

There are times when Christians are impatient for an answer and go ahead with their plans without waiting for anyone’s help. I think that our prayers should be tinged with that touch of patience and knowing that our Father has heard us.

After all, we are His children and He would not forget us. Right?