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The meeting was held at the Stroh IN Church of Christ beginning at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

Directors in Attendance:  David and Mattie McLaughlin, Mark Vernik, Jim and Shirley Neuenschwander, Ruth Todd, Don and Ann Neuenschwander, Aaron McCombs, Steve and Pam Hamilton, Tom Dumez, Lydia Neuenschwander, Danielle VanderWest and Darl VanKlompenberg.  Also attending was Julia Scare, guest.

Dave opened with devotions.  Jesus heaped the grave wrappings upon His resurrection.  However, He folded the napkin that covered His face during his burial because that indicated He is coming back!

Dave led us in reviewing the April-Sept. 2007 field report.

1.. The exchange rate is causing many problems because the money being sent is not going as far as it used to.

2.. There are two container loads of material ready for shipment.  There is a possibility of attaining short-term storage and getting a container underway.  We should know more about that within the next ten days.  Anatoth (Christian retreat center) has requested that Steve Zimmerman become a trustee, and Pat Stephenson (Anatoth proprietor) has offered a corner of the Anatoth property to build a storage building. The concrete building blocks will be cast by the machines that the mission already owns.  The actual construction of the building will be done by Christian Congolese refugees.  The building will be big enough to store the material from two shipping containers.  There will also be a small office. Anatoth will also have a small storage space.  Pat wants Steve to make sure Anatoth continues.  This could provide a campus for SACM as an additional option for teaching in a located place.

3.. Dave is going to talk to Steve about the computer situation.  We’ve understood that they are taxing the computers as they come into the country.  Should we look into raising money to purchase new computers?  We will have to look at raising money to pay the tax.  How many computers does Steve need?  Dave said that Steve had said previously that he could use all that we can send.  We also need to know what operating system he wants for the computers.

4.. Bavumeleni Childrens’ Center (BCC):  Wayne and Barbara Ferguson had to leave Africa due to physical/medical reasons.  Reinaldo Rutter is having cervical surgery.  Steve is the treasurer of BCC.  BCC is currently under the umbrella of SACM.  We would like to make BCC a program of the SACM and have Tom Dumez become the USA coordinator of BCC in addition to being a director of SACM.  Motion was duly made, seconded and passed.  Tom’s duties will include promotion, communications, coordination, etc. concerning BCC.  The responsibility for the ongoing status of BCC would befall Tom principally.  Tom will form a committee.  There was much discussion about what would happen if a problem occurred with BCC.  We don’t anticipate any additional burden from bringing BCC in as a program of SACM.

5.. CBS:  Some members of the Monday evening Cape Bible Seminary (CBS) study group have moved on to different ministry opportunities.  Thompson Ntobie spent a month in Queenstown teaching and preaching.  Thompson is in need of a new vehicle.  He has an opportunity to purchase a 3 litre Ford station wagon for $1,400.00.   Motion was made and seconded to send $1,400.00 (or whatever the bartered price is) to purchase the Ford.   Motion was passed.

6.. Steve was able to travel to Poland and speak to several families and small groups about the gospel.  The concept of a “personal” Savior are foreign to this group.

7.. Steve’s father, Al, had a bad fall.  He is in rehabilitation in the hospital.  Jean is being cared for by their granddaughter, Charity.  Prayers are needed for this situation.

8.. Dave McLaughlin has esophageal cancer.  He is undergoing radiation/chemotherapy and may have surgery in the future.  He should know more by mid-November.  He does not anticipate being incapacitated.

9.. Steve and Pat’s boys are living and working in South Carolina.

10.. Pat will be completing her schooling for counseling by the end of the year.  She will then have to complete 200 hours of supervised counseling.  She will then be a licensed, qualified counselor.  Dave mentioned that it could be possible for this to become a part of Anathoth in the future.

Shirley reviewed the financial statement with us.  We’ve taken in $68,644.56 this year so far.  Our general fund currently has $15,323.69.

We need to start planning for the 2008 furlough trip.  Mark will find out from Steve when his arrival date is and then he can start coordinating visits.

Lydia and Danielle designed a brochure.  We will look into finding the lowest cost for printing.  The brochure needs to be proofed.  It was felt that we need to move forward with this and get them sent to supporting churches in preparation for Steve’s furlough.   We’d like to find a way to print them for $500-$600.  Danielle will look around for prices.  Steve and Pam will check with Missions Services.

Mark designed a new newsletter.  It would cost approximately $85 each time to print and ship the newsletters to Stroh for mailing.

*Election of Officers:

Current Officers:        Dave McLaughlin – Chair/President

Mark Vernik – Vice Chair

Shirley Neuenschwander- Treasurer / Forwarding Agent

Pam Hamilton- Secretary

Motion was made and seconded to keep the current officers in place.  Motion passed.

Financial report – We discussed the possibility of giving Steve a raise or a bonus.  Motion was made and seconded to give Steve $5,000 out of present funds as a bonus.  There was some concern about taking that money out of our general fund when we are hoping to send a container in the next month.  Motion passed.

We talked about the different ways we could raise awareness of SACM in non-supporting as well supporting churches.  We discussed preparing a video, Power Point presentation, or some sort of “plug” to send to churches.

Dave finished with the second part of devotions.  Things don’t always go as we planned, but God has a plan, too, and His plan is for our good.  We must accept His plan and adjust our plans to His plan.

Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 12, 2008.

Pam Hamilton, secretary

Addendum (David McLaughlin):

Lydia Neuenschwander has acquired approximately 20 used computers.  Concern was raised in regard to import duty and operating systems for them.  Upon checking with Steve Z., we have ascertained that there is no duty on used computers and he has a friend who can supply the operating system and word processing software for them.

Reinaldo Rutter will have surgery after the first of the year

Thoughts Notice

Readers —

Please note that the daily “Thought for the Day” will be offline for two weeks. Steve apologizes for this interruption but it will be resumed at that time.

God bless all of you!


Thoughts for Friday

“If there are twelve clowns in a circus ring, you can jump in the middle and start reciting Shakespeare. But to the audience, you’ll just be the thirteenth clown.” A wise man

There was an incident when my son’s friend was arrested by the police for smoking pot. He and my son were standing outside on the corner while a party was in full swing. When my son’s friend lit up a joint, my son moved away. The friend scoffed and asked if my son was scared to be contaminated. A few seconds later, an off-duty cop walked around the corner, smelt the weed and arrested the youth on the spot. He asked my son if he was part of this — my son answered that he wasn’t. Of course, his friend was hacked off because my son didn’t vouch for him, especially when he was marched off to jail alone!

Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth. He also said that we are the light of the world. We are compared to a city on a hill which cannot be hidden.

What did Christ mean?

That we are different. That our message in the world is clearly seen for what it is. That our testimony should never be confused with anything else. That the gospel is unique. That what we do, what we say and how we live is an example to the world, over and above any human wisdom. That we are His messengers.