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Thoughts for Monday

“We are the sons of our own deeds.” Miguel de Cervantes

A man attended a Cape Bible seminary class I was teaching last year. The group meets in a private home and is hosted by a Christian couple. The man is married to a lovely Christian lady but himself is only a “nominal” Christian, according to him. Recently, his doctor told him to quit smoking — all he did was cut down a bit.

He has asked everyone in the group to pray for his health. It is his right to be healthy as a Christian so if we pray correctly, he feels that he will be healed.

I asked him how long he’d been a smoker — since he was 14 and is now nearly 60. He quickly added that God can heal anybody at any time, no matter how severe the medical problems. True, I said, He can but we must also bear the brunt of our bad decisions.

We reap what we sow. Goodness to a harvest of goodness. Kindness to kindness. Love to love. Excellence to excellence.

We are truly the result of our own thinking and actions. If we belong to God, then our lives are blessed and rich.

Sow to God….always!!!


Thoughts for Friday

“For those who deny God’s grace, they meet up with the devil sooner or later.” Anon African man

There are many refugees from central and southern Africa who have come to South Africa to find work or flee their troubled countries. A large number of them are parking attendants at shopping malls, cinemas or on the street. Most of them are polite, work long hours in all kinds of weather and are eager to be of service. Their only drawback is lack of English.

I met Alois from Brazzaville (Congo) who is a Christian man. I greeted him in KiSwahili but he didn’t understand me — Brazzaville Congolese don’t speak Swahili, mainly French and Lingala. His English was good and we spent a few moments chatting. A major concern in South Africa is the high levels of crime, AIDS and lawlessness. Then, Alois made this statement which I have quoted above. His words stayed with me for a long time.

Without God’s morality — His goodness and righteousness — there the devil dances. In the absence of God’s people and their commitment to their Lord, sin is rife and the whole society suffers. We are the guardians of the Truth;  we are the Testament that people will read;  we are the  proclaimers of Heaven.

And, we live by His wonderful grace!

Don’t we?


Thoughts for Thursday

“That’s why we never give up. Even though our physical bodies are wearing out, our spirits are being renewed day by day.” II Cor 4:16 (Simple English Bible)

When I was 12, I couldn’t wait for my next birthday so I could official be a Teenager. Of course, I measured by age in fractions. I’d tell people I’m twelve and a third or twelve and a half. The magic day arrived and for one whole week, I was in the heady land of true age. After that, I discovered that I really didn’t feel any different. Grown ups didn’t treat me any different either.

Now that I’m way over (okay, way WAY over) twelve, I realize that my mind is still keen and eager by my body is rebelling in subtle ways. If I sprint the last block to the house, I’m actually going backwards. If I grab a bag of groceries, I’m now bench-pressing a couple hundredweight of pig iron.

Yet, I have nothing to fear. Although my physical body isn’t as sprightly, with daily exercise, my spiritual body is being renewed over and over again. I can take heart that this tent (as Paul calls it) will eventually fail me but my soul will be in the hands of my Lord. Over and over again, I am being refreshed by His Word and His love.

Isn’t that a miracle in itself? Isn’t that what life is?

What a blessing!