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Field Report: October – March 2008

Greetings in the Lord’s name! It has been a lovely hot summer, back to the usual Cape Town style. The months have flown past recently with many knew projects and aspects of the Lord’s work in South Africa.

The oil prices have slugged us real hard in South Africa. The government has raised gas prices many times in the last months, unconcerned for the ordinary guy in the street. (It is R8.60 per liter, which converts to approx $5.00/gal?) And more increases are forecast for the remainder of this year. All countries around the world have experienced this but here, it is horrific.

Also interest rates have risen steadily, too. Current overdraft rate is 15.5% and economists are predicting another hike mid-year. All of this is really squeezing our margins and the savings that were made in the past are gradually slipping away.

It is now official:  I have been appointed as a Trustee of “Anathoth” where we have been given a piece of land on which to build a storage facility. Pat Stephenson has been very gracious and a big help during this process. At a Trustees’ meeting held in Feb, we voted not only to approve of the building plans for the proposed storage facility but also to design a holistic overview of the entire property for future use.Read More

2008 – Newsletter #2

Greetings from a hot summery Cape Town! The New Year is upon us and I am sure that it will become old very quickly. These “New Year’s” don’t seem to have a long shelf-life!


First, on behalf of the Zimmerman family, I would like to express our appreciation for all those who were so kind during my father’s passing. There were many cards, letters and requests – many people did so much that we cannot possibly list everyone in this Newsletter. Our thanks and appreciation goes to all of you, for your kindness and prayers for the family.

My mother, Jean Zimmerman, is still living on her own in Monroe, WA. She is now without her husband of 63 years but is in good spirits. My niece, Charity Zimmerman, visits her regularly to make sure she has everything she needs. My brother, Dr John Zimmerman, and his family live close by so there is plenty of assistance and help if Mom needs.

We ask for your prayers for her during this time. We have also requested that any donations that are made should go directly to the South African Christian Mission. (The funds will be earmarked to build a storage facility in Cape Town to house all the donated Bibles, commentaries and other Christian literature.Read More

Thoughts of the Day – Get them in your email

They thoughts of the day will no longer posted daily. However the list of people receiving them in their email box is growing. If you would like to receive the thoughts for the day contact Steve at the following email address. It isn’t posted normally so the spam bots won’t pick up on it. Just use the @ for “at” in the address.

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