Simon Mainze, one of our translators. He also makes cement blocks with Thompson Ntobie for a little extra income. Right now, Simon is in the hospital after having been robbed and beaten severely on the way to a funeral service where he was supposed to translate.

A warm greeting in Christ from a hot Cape Town!

Walt and Bea Mielke from Lakeland (FL) have always opened their home when I needed a place to lay my head during furlough. They have attended the Zephyhills Christian Church and now worship at Chancey Rd. Their generous spirit during my brief stays have always been a haven and this time, it was our turn to host them.

They arrived during the second week of February and took over the guest room. They brought suitcases full of clothing for the kids at Bavumeleni Childrens Center, all donated by the church in Chancey Rd. Sister Primrose was so delight with each and every item.
Walt and Bea have a special mission – they physically take things to missionaries all over the world. Since Walt retired from his job at an airline, he has a cheaper flight pass for most countries in the world. He and Bea decided to use this gift for the Lord. They have taken medicines to Haiti, Bibles to the former Iron Curtain countries and now, winter clothing to South Africa!

During their two week visit here, I asked Walt to teach all the Cape Bible Seminary classes and minister on Sunday mornings, too. (A warning to all future visitors! I will request the same of everyone who comes here!!) Walt did a wonderful job even though some of the experiences were brand new.Read More