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“I am a representative in chains for the gospel. Pray that I will
speak boldly about it, as I should.” Eph 6:20 (Simple English Bible)

Don’t you think it’s kinda strange for a man in prison to be able to
speak boldly about the gospel? Paul was in Rome, from where he wrote
this letters to the churches in Ephesus. He was requesting their
prayers that he should be able to testify of the gospel’s message —
the Good News. But being under arrest and chained to a Praetorian
Guard all the time might make getting around a little difficult? I
don’t suppose there were many speaking dates for him in Rome under
those conditions.

Yet, we read that he sends greetings from his guards (Phil 4:33)!
What chances would Paul have had to speak to Caesar’s household had
he not be guarded by them? Yet, his witness of Christ reached deep
into the heart of one of the most corrupt empires of its time.
Somehow, I don’t think Paul was the true prisoner — the guard HAD to
be chained to him and hear what the apostle had to teach!

We should pray for each other that we also may speak boldly of our
faith. Perhaps more by example than by word. Many people talk the
talk but don’t walk the walk. We need more walkers and more
Christians who live boldly, despite the difficulties. We are all
respresentatives of the gospel, whether in prison, at work, in school
or just shopping.

That’s who we are!



“The secret is the finish the race!” L. Hamilton.

The Formula One Grand Prix season began yesterday in Australia. For
racing fans, it had been a long, dry winter and the excitement of the
first race was palpable, even through the television tube and over
the internet websites. Everybody had an opinion of who was what,
which team had the right stuff and whether the drivers could cope
with the new rules and new car set-ups. Last year’s World Champion,
Lewis Hamilton, a Briton, provided the secret of his success when he
won by one point: “Finish the race!”

It is no different for each Christian. Yes, there will be trial and
troubles. Yes, life won’t always be smooth and carefree. Yes, storms
threaten to wreck our plans and emotional balance. Yes, family,
friends and even fellow believers will hassle us and even abandon us.
Nobody said that living the righteousness like would be easy and
safe. Does this mean that we can’t cope and must just throw out hands
into the air in despair? Must we throw ourselves onto the mercy of
the church leaders because life isn’t treating us fairly? We were
never promised a rose garden until we finish the race.

“Be faithful unto death and I will give you a crown of life…” John
wrote in Revelation.

Changes are a part of life, the good and the bad and the ugly. But,
we should concentrate on what is the most important aspect of our
Christian walk: FINISH THE RACE!


PS Jenson Button won the first season’s Grand Prix for Brawn
Racing; his teammate, Rubens Barichello was second and Lewis
Hamilton came third for McClaren-Mercedes.

I called and asked for the free bottle

“Then, we will not be little children anymore. The waves will not toss us back and forth. We won’t be blown away by the winds of false teaching, which clever men invent to trick peopleto followerror.” Eph 4:14 (Simple English Bible)

I was sure that I would get another bottle of stuff “absolutely free”. A guy on the televsion advertorial claimed marvelous and stupendous advances in cleaning products! He was enthusiastic, showing a tired housewife how her entire day of cleaning would be cut to minutes a day. The special offer was only good while stocks lasted so he was urging everyone to call in right away with their orders. And, as a bonus, this man would send an extra bottle gratis and for free!

My Dad and I were watching the lenthly commercial. I asked him ifhe believed the ad. I’ll never forget his joke. “I called and asked for the free bottle but they told me that I had to buy the other one first!”

Christians are assaulted by messages everyday. It is fairly easy to spot shills on radio and television ads. But there are also less subtle forms of sin that leak through the cracks. Homosexuality is just an “alternative lifestyle”. Drugs (legal and illegal) are just “coping mechanisms”. Religion is merely “what you think is right”. And Jesus was “just another good man”. While all of these statements have an element of truth in them, they do not reflect the Truth.

If we are dedicated in our reading of the Word and prayer; if we are ready to serve those in need; if we are ready to proclaim our faith; if we are ready to stand up for our beliefs, then we will not be tossed about in the wind and waves.

We are confident, assured and blessed.