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Wednesday’s Thought

“Never learn to type. If you do, someone will ask you to do it.” A
wise man

I called the pastor to finalize the dates for teaching a Cape Bible
Seminary course. I

’d met him a few times and it seemed as if we got along pretty good.
I was surprised when his tearful wife answered and told me that he’d
run off with a girl from the congregation! At first, I thought that I
had dialed the wrong number but eventually the story came out. The
pastor had run off with the church funds and the girl – he’d bought a
lot of liquor and both were staying at a rundown shack arrangement
near the beach!
When I asked what had happened, she said,

“He’s taken a vacation from the church. He hadn’t realized how much
work it would be!”
I realize that in today

’s modern world, it isn’t easy to speak about morality or ethics. It
isn’t politically correct to talk about sin and wickedness.
Christians are under pressure all the time to conform to the ways of
society, no matter how bizarre or unreasonable.
Yet, we are committed to our Father in Heaven, who sent His Only Son
to reconcile us back to Him. We serve at Christ

’s behest. We obey His Voice. We are committed to the course and must
remain faithful in order to achieve a crown of life. After all,
Christ was nailed down for us. We are His people, ready and willing
to go where He sends.
And, learn to type, okay?


Tuesday’s Thought

“Come, you can take my hand!” I offered.

It was supposed to be an easy hike along a river bed in the Hottentot-
Hollands Mountains to the east of Cape Town. A group of people was
led by Reinaldo Rutter through a canyon to a set of waterfalls. The
path was slippery and steep in places, the rocks unstable and the
foliage thick. I plodded along with the group in single file. Behind
me, a little girl was ahead of her father, mother and brother. At one
point, I turned around and offered my hand to help her over a
difficult section. She stared back and stood still, not taking my
hand. Her father managed to help her across the tough part.

Why didn’t she take my hand? Because she didn’t know me. Because I
wasn’t her father. Because her trust was in her own father. Because,
in an uncertain world, she knew in whom she could ask for help.
Because her safety depended upon the one she had trusted all her life.

Shouldn’t it also be the same for Christians? Shouldn’t our trust,
our safety, our hope and our focus remain with the One who has
already provided salvation? And in an uncertain world, with so many
influences and con artists, shouldn’t I be attuned to Him? Jesus is
the Good Shepherd and His own hears His voice.

Unless, of course, you want to take someone else’s hand to lead you.
Perhaps, not a good idea, huh?