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Tuesday’s Thought

“I fear people who do not have faith in God — they lack proportion.”
Allan Massie

I read this simple statement and thought about it for a long time. It
sort of jumped out of a book I read and rattled around for a few
weeks. Then, I came around the corner mentally and understood its
depth. I was discussing teen pregnancy with a few African people. One
man laughed out loud and commented. “If the girls wants sex, who’s to
deny them? What is free should be freely taken!” Later, when he left,
one of his friends told me about his situation. He’d fathered several
children by different girls, contracted AIDS and was distraught when
his wife left him. He decided that life was unfair to him or bad luck
had been cursed over his head. The single young mothers, two with
AIDS, were not his concern and were abandoned.

God has given us His mercies, wisdom and grace. Part of His wisdom is
a set of boundaries and principles. Sin is out. Righteousness in all
of its forms, is in. Goodness isn’t illegal. Evil is. Such simple
guidelines have been left for us to follow. God has also given us the
free will to choose our own pathway. Those who prosper in evil, will
find themselves without protection on the Last Day. Those who strive
always for God’s will, according to His wisdom, will find protection
and loving grace.

Sometimes, things are so simple, they look trivial and trite.

Well, except for God’s wisdom!


Monday’s Thought

“So through immersion, we were buried with Him into death. Christ was
raised from death by the glory of the Father. In the same way, we will
live a new life.” Rom 6:4 (Simple English Bible)

The slick advertorial on television promised me a new life within
thirty days or my money back. The offer seemed tempting — after all,
there were many satisfied customers, smiling and waving, obviously
enthralled with their newfound health, vitality and youthfulness. And
thirty days didn’t seem to be too long either. What’s a few weeks
worth of effort and commitment for such a rewarding experience? New
life, is what was promised! Of course, it didn’t come at a price but
there were also special bonus offers included at no extra charge. A
bargain, huh?

I often wonder how many people watch a thirty minute ad on television.
Do people really believe this sludge and pin their hopes on a “new
life”, sold by snake oil salesmen?

Christ has promised us a new life. Not for money, not for a down
payment and forty easy installments, not for a money back guarantee.
His promise is eternal. His new life cannot be matched by any other
human resources or invention. This new life requires belief,
commitment and immersion in water. Just as Christ was buried, so we
imitate His death. As Jesus was raised from death by God’s glory, so
we are raised out of the water to accept this new life.

Amazingly, there doesn’t seem to be many takers these days.

Maybe the snake oil salesman is better at his job?


Thought for Friday

“The King is dead!” The media.

The world reels in shock. The so-called King of Pop is dead. Mind you,
the King of Rock is dead, too. As is the King of Soul music. No doubt,
there will be a hungry maw generated by publicity to be filled — the
news media, record companies, cable stations, publishers and mass
souvenir marketers will gladly supply all the desires of pop
followers. For years to come, there will be exposes, books, articles
and sensationalist gossip bandied about, snapped up by a the adoring

When a carpenter’s son from Galilee was murdered, I am sure there were
people who thought that the new king of Israel was dead and gone. They
had expected an uprising to throw out their Roman rulers but were
sadly disappointed. Perhaps there were even onlookers who stayed at
Golgotha for the spectacle and subsequent gossip. Only a few women and
John, the disciple, understood that He was more than a mere icon or
future ruler on David’s throne.

Out of all the kings, princes and royals who ever lived and claimed
greatness, Jesus is the only one who rose from the dead, victorious
over satan and his power. Christ, the Savior, not only died — as did
Elvis, Michael and a slew of others — but He rose again to claim a
true throne at the right hand of the Father.

After all, He is the King of Kings!