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Amsterdam To Cape Town

I arrived late into the Airport in Amsterdam. It was a rather interesting flight and we had individual screens with info on the trip. What I didn’t realize was just how close we were to Greenland. We flew just south of the tip of that land as we made our way across the Atlantic. Of course the altitude was nearly 40,000 feet and the temperature outside the plan was anywhere from -90 to -125 degrees. Yet we were well fed and warm the entire trip and had looked forward to seeing Amsterdam.

We arrived about midnight eastern time but as I had seen the son set I was waiting for the sunrise now only several hours away. For Amsterdam is 6 hours difference from Ohio. So it was around 6 am and the flight didn’t leave until 10:25 am Amsterdam time. So I walked and shopped (window mostly) and tried to keep moving as I would shortly be confined in a plane soon enough. For the traverler Amsterdam has lots of stores and food places. The only downside is that the the dollar is worth only .64 euos. So that makes the inflated prices that much more inflated.

Exhausted I boarded the plane and we waited past our departure time due to 5 people not making it through security. For what reason I don’t know. A topic something several of us discussed. I met people  who were from far western Canada, Ohio, Germany, India and had numerous conversation. Especially with one man whom I shared extensively. Exhaustion set in and several cat-naps set it. Nothing like a solid sleep but enough. The trip was helped by their service times of food and an occasional hot moist towelette to re-freshen with.Read More

Making the same decision repeatedly

“Run away from sexual sin! Any other sin which a person might do, is outside his body but if a person commits sexual sin, he is sinning against his own body.” I Cor 6:18 (Simple English Bible

It seems that the headlines these days are highlighting all kinds of sexual sins. Of course, Hollywood and its ilk love to flaunt different lifestyles and garner attention from their “sophisticated” philosophies on sex, marriage and relationships. What is worse is that there doesn’t seem to be any more boundaries any longer. People do what they want to do, when they want to do it and with whom they want to do it. And if anyone criticizes, complains or speaks out against it, they are the Mother Grundies and narrow-minded sections of society.

Personally, I don’t believe in “sexual addiction”. It is an excuse for people who will not exercise self-discipline and respect for others. They want sex and they find it where it pleases them. There is little commitment to morality and God’s instructions for the human race.

Commitment is the key. A commitment is making the same decision repeatedly. Every day, I must commitment myself to my Lord. Every day, I must commit myself to my wife. Every day, I must commit myself to taking every opportunity to serve Jesus wherever I am.

Without commitment and respect, we’re just like the world!


Trip Begins Out of DTW Airport with KLM

The flight to South Africa started with a car trip out of Lima Ohio around 11 am. We wanted to make sure that there was plenty of time to get to the airport, find the right terminal, grab some food and still get through security. Especially after all the scare at the Detroit Airport round Christmas.

WE made good time and ate a few bits at the local Subway. It was easy finding and getting into the airport. Check-in was a breeze as I was able to check-in online. Scanned my Passport and it printed off my boarding tickets. The lady took the baggage and it was time to say good-bye. It was a bitter sweet moment as I already miss my family but the excitement of the adventure helped me to focus on what was ahead.Read More