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“Ouch!!” My surprise.

It was floating in the water on its back, thrashing and whirling desperately. Although allergic to bee sting venom, I decided to help the poor thing out. Bees are valuable, I reasoned, and ensure flowers and trees receive their fair quota of pollen. So, I scooped up the insect in a bowl of my hands and gently eased down to the grass, allowing the water to leak out. The bee grabbed a blade of grass and held on as I removed my hands. I was happy that shortly it would dry out and be on its way. But as I stood, the bee buzzed and smacked into my leg. I couldn’t believe it stung me! I had helped it and now, through its own stupidity, it will die for nothing.

And then I thought about the world’s immorality and inhumanity to man. It’s struggling and thrashing about in wickedness and selfishness, unable to right itself or find a way out. Christ came to scoop up the world’s sin into His own hands and set mankind back on track. Evil men stung the Son of Man and now the world will die. Only those who are committed to Jesus, who obey His voice and live for righteousness will not be destroyed. And we are those people.

If the world stings you, keep going. Keep your face to our Savior!


PS I gently picked out the stinger before the venom went to work so I was okay.


“Christ did not enter the most Holy Place, which was man-made, a only opy of the real one. No, He went into Heaven to appear before God for us.” Heb 9:24 (Simple English Bible)

No wonder Jesus is the only Name by which we can be saved! We often think of Christ’s sacrifice as a physical and emotional one. Being beaten and tortured before the Roman crucified Him was bad enough. The agony on the Cross has often been portrayed in books and movies — we are all familiar with His suffering and death. But this isn’t the whole story. Jesus appeared before His Father on our behalf to expropriate our sins! He entered the real Holy Place for us. Our sins have been forgiven because of His appeal to the Father.

Jesus is our true Advocate, our spiritual Lawyer, our Speaker of Mercy. No one else in the entire history of the world has that authority, power or ability to do this. Many holy men are admired from Moses to Mohammed but they all died and none of them could represent us before God Almighty. Only Jesus could do that!

He is our true Savior. That is why we praise His name above all others!


Moon Over Africa – Trip Notes

Full Moon Rises Over The City?The Flight Out The trip began with the usual last minute checking to make sure the packing was complete and the needed items were in place. Then begins the mild panic moments patting yourself to see if the passport was still in your pocket. We planned the trip to Detroit that Wednesday so that I would have a buffer of 2-3 hours to get through security. Especially since I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Only two, Joe and Tori, were able to come with Lynn to see me off. Once we arrived it was relatively quiet so baggage checkin and security check went quickly. Having said my farewell’s it was off to wait on my flight. The flight took off somewhere around 4:00 pm. Soon I was watching the sun set over the wing.Read More