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Someone’s Calling

“God saved us and called us with a holy calling. This was not by our efforts. Instead, it was by God’s own purpose and gracious love, which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began.” II Tom 1:9 (Simple English Bible)

The 60’s were the times of protest, marches and speeches against injustice and just causes. Hoards of people marched through the streets, displaying banners and shouting slogans of the time. Many believed that their cause was righteous and essential for the restoration of peace within the national identity. Of course, most of those demonstrations have been forgotten and their purposes fallen by the wayside. Today, we have the fringe groups protesting who knows what and insisting upon their rationale as correct and right.

The purpose for a Christian is clear: we have been called to holiness and righteousness through Jesus Christ. God has provided us with His love through His Son, once and for all time. We don’t have to place wreaths at a graveside, monument or memorial nor make speeches about His righteousness! We are the examples of His righteousness! Everything we need to fulfill God’s purpose has been granted to us in abundance. God’s plan for man began before time did.

And the results are here for all to see. Because we are His people. Because we are holy. Because we love Him.



“God has now put each member in the body as He chose to do.” I Cor 12:18 (Simple English Bible)

I can remember taking my shift to teach Junior Church during the main worship service, which was taking place for the adults upstairs. The young kids were rowdy and couldn’t sit still but I did the best I could, loathing every minute of it. Each time my name came up on the roster for the kids, I swapped out with a lady who loved the little people — she didn’t like the communion cup duty, which I found very pleasant and peaceful. I was too wet behind the ears to realize that the lady and I each had different tasks and duties, which better suited our personalities and skills.

It is like this for each Christian serving in the Body of Christ. What one might not good with, another might fit it perfectly. I also believe that God provides His blessings to a particular Christian for a certain period to perform good works in a special place. There are so many gifts which God bestows as He has decided. Just like He has chosen you for a certain task and provided you with a skill set to accomplish the work! God will never withhold His blessings — He will provide whatever is needed.

I don’t know what your work is nor the skills which have been richly given to you. All that I ask is that you maximize the opportunities and talents God has passed to you.


Jay Oh Wy

“So there is no condemnation now for those people who are in Christ Jesus.” Rom 8:1 (Simple English Bible)

One of my son’s friends, Ray, spent nearly three years in prison recently. He was paroled last year and spent a few weeks in our home while he found his feet. Ray found a good job in construction and soon moved to a different place. He is working hard to restore his life and has given his heart to Jesus. When I spoke to him over many months, during our visitations in prison, the heaviest burden he had was being condemned in front of the judge. The day he was found guilty and sentenced was the worst day in his life. Ray had always slid under the wire with his behavior but this time he was caught.

I thought about this for a long time. We are all condemned by our sins and failures, yet we don’t have to spend any time in jail or feel the weight of the justice system burdening us. Through Christ, we have asked for forgiveness and received a full pardon from God. The slate has been wiped clean and we are free to serve Him! It’s the ultimate Get Out of Jail Free card!

Since we are freed in Christ, our lives are no longer burdened by what we have done before. Our future lies in God’s grace and His blessings. We live the New Life with new opportunities and areas of service for our King!

What a joy!