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Container Is Ready To Be Shipped In Early July!

The Lord has used many of you to send just what was needed and more. Thank you to the churches and especially the challenge from Zephyr Christian in Florida. This has really spurred on the special giving for the container. The container will be loaded July 10th in Quincy, MI.

But this is about the container shipping. Why is there a picture of Dr. Pepper? This is to remind you that you can donate personal items that Steve has requested that he cannot get in South Africa.

If you would like to drop off some personal items Steve has requested there isn’t much time. God has moved fast and the time is now if you want the items on this container. It is possible to send money to Shirely Neuenschwander (798 Lester Road, Reading MI 49274-9520) who is our forwarding agent for the South African Christian Mission. If you designate it for Steve’s personal items we will use the money to purchase the items below and let Steve know you sent him personal items he requested.

We offer to do this so that you save the shipping expense if you are too far to get the items to Quincy, MI.

If you do have items or want to help load the container you can Call Bob Snyder(517) 639-3221. You can make arrangements with him directly.

List of items Steve cannot get but would be a real blessing to have…

  • Dr. Pepper
  • Snickers w/nuts
  • Cheerio’s
  • Pop Tarts (fruit)
  • Fig Newtons
  • Jiff (nuts and smooth)
  • Cherry Licorice

Real McCoy

“The Law was only a copy of good things in the future. It was not the real thing. The same sacrifices offered year after year would never make worshipers clean.”
Heb 10:1 (Simple English Bible)

World Cup fever has hit South Africa big time. Everywhere people are flying the flags of their countries in support of their teams. There is an explosion of souvenirs, momentoes and other items on sale everywhere. Recently, the police confiscated cheap T-shirts, soccer balls, etc that were obvious fakes. The legitimate items were more expensive with the official logos emblazoned on them. Many people were angered by the knock-offs and the cheap quality.

Christ was the sacrifice that was required to cleanse the world’s sin once and for all. No amount of good works, abstinence and self-sacrifice would never be good enough to please God. Our faith, our obedience and our service to His Son is what is required. It’s the real McCoy, no fake, no knock-off, not a cheap salvation. Our redemption was costly — the blood of Jesus.

Many world religions concentrate on ritual and abstinence as holy rites for their godly worship. The writer Hebrews indicated that this wasn’t the real deal. Only Jesus is the real deal. There is no other — not previous to Christ nor since Christ. He is the only one sitting on the righthand of God. Nobody else has that spot. And it cost Jesus His life to be there.

If you believe this, then don’t mess around with the fakes. Christ is genuine!

I believe that! Do you?



“These false teachers promise those people freedom but they are slaves of pollution. A person is a slave to whatever has defeated him.” II Pet 2:19 (Simple English Bible)

Mike was a drunk. He seemed like a good man, drunk or sober, and never really bothered anybody. But every few months, he’d come to the front of the congregation, fall to his knees and repent of his drinking problem. People in the church grew used to this routine. There didn’t seem to be any sense in this habit and Mike never stopped drinking. One day, he asked my Dad how he could stop his drunkenness. As a boy, I was skeptical of Mike’s insistence that he wanted to quit.

But Mike had tried it all and had failed at all attempts to quit. My Dad told him that he had been defeated by alcohol. Booze had become Mike’s boss and controlled his life. I can remember hearing Mike crying in my Dad’s office, wanting to be free of his addiction. My father even offered to walk Mike home from work to keep him company. On the way, Dad noticed three liquor stores along the route. He told Mike to go home another way and avoid temptation.

It worked! Mike was so happy to be free of the monkey on his back! He was one of the happiest men I ever saw in the small congregation.

We are slaves — either of righteousness or darkness. If we give into the darkness and are lured away by worldly desires, then we will lose our way but if we are slaves of the Light, then our path is clear! Let’s walk in the Light!

All the time!