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Table Top Experience – Trip Notes

]The most prominent feature in Cape Town is Table Mountain. As you fly-in at night it is the black void among the lights of over 4 million people in the greater Cape Area. In the daytime it is a visible mountain from anywhere in the region. It’s quite literally a large mountain plopped in the middle of a large city that ranked 110th of the world’s largest cities in 2008.

I had been waiting for the conditions to be right for us to go. Often the winds can be fairly high on top of the mountain or it is covered with a “table cloth” of clouds. Several times we had wanted to ascend to the top but chose to wait for better conditions.

A Near Perfect Day

Finally the weather became ideal for a trip to the top and Mattie McLaughlin (her husband, Dave, was the Chairman of SACM for many years) was going to join us.

After checking on the new container building’s progress we headed to the mountain. The sun was shining with calm winds.

We purchased our tickets and took the next available cable car to the top as we watched the ground grow distant.Read More

Temporary Interruption

Please note that Steve will be travelling for a few days and the Thoughts will continue when he is back online. We apologize for any inconvenience.


“Because of her great love, I tell you that her many sins are forgiven. The person who feels only a little need to be forgiven, will feel only a little love when he is forgiven.” Lk 7:47 (Simple English Bible)

Why do some Christians keep falling back into the same sins over and over? At first, it seemed to me that they were stupid or just didn’t care. After all, if you haven’t learned the lesson and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, isn’t that a sign of stupidity? Then, I read the word of Jesus as He visited the house of Simon the Pharisee. It obviously disturbed the house when this woman cried on the feet of Jesus, her tears washing His feet. Perhaps it was too much to take for a religious leader! Maybe it really jerked his chain to see this.

We don’t know what sins this woman committed. All we know is that she had a great need for forgiveness because of her sins. And because she took action, her had the peace and joy of being released and free from guilt or shame. Truly wonderful blessings. Her sins were surpassed by the love she expressed. I doubt that she repeated those sins — although I can’t be certain.

If we have a great need, then when forgiveness is offered, we humbly take it. If our need isn’t that great, then I think it is much easier to repeat our mistakes and keep asking for forgiveness. Our love for Christ will cover our sins!