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Last Call!

“Our Lord Jesus the Christ is coming! And we will be gathered together with Him….” II Thess 2:1 (Simple English Bible)

I was teaching a youth class in Upington (nothern Cape in South Africa) and when I finished, I asked if there were any questions. What I should have said, of course, was are there any questions about the class material. Anyway, one of the young Christian men stood up and asked me a question no one had ever asked me before. Nor had I ever heard one Christian ask another Christian this question. Nor had I ever heard it secondhand in conversation. Thinking about it later, I wondered why.

The young man asked me a very simple question: when is Jesus coming? He didn’t aske me when WILL Jesus come but when IS Jesus coming!

It was startling. Why don’t Christians ask this of each other? Surely, this is the most imporant realization of our faith and service to Jesus! We should be expectant and eager to finally see that Day. It is the culmination of our entire commitment and love for Him.

I told the young Christian that I didn’t know when Jesus was coming. Only, that He is. It was enough for him and he’s still waiting.

As all of us are.


The Last Bastion Hermanus – Trip Notes

Along  The Coast

The final Friday would bring on a road trip. Something you can’t really do on the days classes are held. So we were free to explore Hermanus east along the coast.

Many regular supporters of SACM will recall the name as it was a frequently mentioned name in the 1990’s. Since the end of apartheid  it was now an opportunity to see a remnant of the old culture.

Steve was taking me to see Davie Jones. At first I thought it might be a joke or at worst perhaps my final destination at the bottom of some part of the Ocean.

Through the Mountains

Since Cape Town is surrounded by a ring of mountains to get anywhere requires a trip through the mountains. The trip started in a Mediterranean climate, moved quickly into a semi-arid climate. What came next was the biggest surprise.

Suddenly I found myself looking at apple orchards and trees looking just much like Michigan. The area gets no snow but is cold enough during the winter that it creates an apple industry.Read More

Smoker’s Corner

‘If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just wind up being a horrible example!” A wise man

Jim couldn’t believe it — he caught his son AND daughter smoking! As a father, he was always careful about second hand smoke and the medical warnings about it. Jim made sure that he smoked at work or outside the family home so as not to endanger anyone. One afternoon, he came home from work early and discovered his two kids smoking in the back yard. He was angry and very upset. They looked at him blankly. “We’re just as careful are you are!” they said.

Christians fall into the same trap. The Sunday-go-to-meeting is a dress up day, a time for worship and fellowship. Once back at home, it is a different lifestyle. I’ve counseled parents and teens during times of turmoil and one of the major complaints by the children is that their parents are much different people than they profess to be in public!

We’re aren’t just examples for poster billboards. Believing and serving our Lord is a full time occupation. Christ is our lifestyle, our hope and our Savior!

Shouldn’t we be able to live it for ourselves, our children and the world?