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To Boldly Go

“In Christ and by believing in Christ, we have the boldness and confidence to come near to God.” Eph 3:12 (SImple English Bible)

My brother, John, and I had different approaches when Report Cards were issued from school. I was an average student and didn’t really mind staying in the herd of C’s and C+’s. Anything more seemed to be a waste of time an effort for another letter of the alphabet. Dad merely sighed and signed my card as I waited to take the card back. On the other hand, John was a lot more motivated.

He kept shifting from foot to foot as Dad scrutinized his grades. He was always worried that he hadn’t done well enough or make a mistake somewhere. He really wanted Dad’s approval and encouragement.

In some ways, it is the same with our Heavenly Father. If we believe in Christ and seek His will, then we are bolder and more confident when we approach the Throne. We have no fear because God loves us. We can ask, believing that He will answer. We can work in the world, knowing that God sees and hears our pleas.

Because we are His children, His love and His blessings for others!


Door Knockers

“I said this before: I am saying it again. If anyone preaches a gospel to you that is different from what you received, let that person be condemned.” Gal 1:9 (Simple English Bible)

They come to the door and knock, looking sincere and concerned. Our neighborhood seems to be the target area of a number of different denominations. The callers want to pass out literature and discuss their scriptures. They are friendly and willing to spend time to explain anything I’d like to know. Whenever I point to this passage in Galatians, they all become uncomfortable. They don’t want to discuss it. In recent years, our house has been skipped and it has been quieter. No doubt, they’ve been told to avoid us.

The apostle was adamant about false teachers. He obviously expected the Word to be bent and twisted to suit other people’s tastes and his instruction was clear. The gospel cannot save us if is it false. If Christians do not oppose false teaching and proclaim the truth, then Christianity is a failure. Our goal is to glorify the Christ! We are the fishermen!

Let’s keep our eye on the ball!


Imagine That!

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

He demanded that the police patrol the community more vigorously. Drugs were being sold from houses, break-ins and gang violence disrupted homes and families. It wasn’t safe for the kids to walk alone. Of course, the police promised but nothing changed. It was the same when he gathered signatures for a petition delivered to city hall. Promises, little action, zero results.

Derrick imaged what he would do if he were in charge of the area, whether as a policeman or a ward representative. He talked to his family and friends, dreaming about how life would change for ordinary hard-working people. A few people volunteered to begin a neighborhood watch program and there was a slight drop in crime. But it was enough for others to volunteer. Derrick was the nerve center and fielded all the calls.

The next time there was a ward election, he was elected to the surprise of the sitting ward counselor, who’d never heard of Derrick before! The community helped Derrick with tip-offs and as an elected official, the police become more and more involved. Crime dropped, drug dealers moved out, the park was cleaned and repaired. Families were happier.

Just because of one man’s dream.

What do you dream for Christ?