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“Everything I do, I do for spreading the gospel. I want to share in it.” I Cor 9:23 (Simple English Bible)

The apostle Paul wrote so much during his imprisonment and today, we have the benefit of his teaching and encouragement. Even after studying his letters for some time, there are still things I haven’t come to terms with and I am determined to delve deeper into the Word and extract as much wisdom as I can. The more I study, the more I grow. But this isn’t just an intellectual exercise or mind game. It doesn’t do anyone any good just to study and not enact the wisdom of God. It’s like continually taking college degree after college degree for the sake of knowledge. Unless you actually do something with it, there isn’t much sense in doing it.

Paul made this simple statement in his first letter to the Christians in Corinth. His entire focus was on Jesus and introducing the Christ to everyone he met. It was his desire to share in this process — taking the Good News to the world. Of course, he accomplished a lot more in his missionary journeys than I will ever do but Paul did what he could with what God have him. “I want to share in it!” was Paul’s statement.

What’s your share?


Thanksgiving – BCC South Africa

Hi to all American people,

I want to wish you (belated by one day) a very happy Thanksgiving.

I hope last night was a blessed evening with family and friends with good food, fellowship and pleasant.

Here in SA due to logistics as people are working, we will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow at Steve’s house.

We are a group of about 14, including (obviously) 3 or 4 Americans, 5 South African, 5 Brazilians and (can you believe it?) 1 Russian.

Steve’s sister is arriving today so she will also experience a South African tropical-with-warm-weather Thanksgiving style.

This year will be the third year we are celebrating and it is great fun for all – except for the turkey that Steve hunts in the bushes and cooks it very professionally – I learnt with him that if you cook the turkey up-side-down, the fat goes down and the meat then is not dry at all – we all look forward to Steve’s turkey !!!

We also have some SA and Brazilian dishes for the meal and dessert.

This is definitely one holiday that should be celebrated world-wide.

As for me, I have lots to be thankful as I survived a company restructuring and kept my job – this is one of the blessings – found out yesterday, so it is a great relief.

Blessings to all,

Reinaldo Rutter


“Strive to be at peace with everyone. Strive to be holy. If you are not holy, you will never see the Lord.” Heb 12:13 (Simple English Bible)

Tomorrow is a special holiday celebrated only in the United States of America: Thanksgiving Day. It is traditionally a time when family gathers and recalls the blessings of the past year. For me, this day is far more important than the Christmas remembrances. In our family, we gathered around the dinner table and each person took a turn to thank God for a blessing in their lives. It was a time of peace, too, old rivalries and sibling squabbles forgotten for the moment.

I’ve always thought that being thankful was a gift from God. It was part of peace and joy. It infused me with appreciation and thoughtfulness. Almost a holy remembrance. Perhaps you don’t think of it like this but every Thanksgiving Day, this is how I felt.

Since we are separated from country and family, we celebrate Thanksgiving a little differently. Our Christian friends gather with us and bring traditional dishes from their countries to share with our American turkey bird and cole slaw, usually on a Saturday because there is no public holiday in November. They were impressed that an entire country would remember to be thankful for one day. This year is no exception and we will have South Africans, Americans, Brazilians, a Russian and an Afrikaner around the table.

All to remember our God as we share together.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours!