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Shined Shoes

“You were all immersed into Christ. So you were all clothed with Christ. You are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” Gal 3:26-27 (Simple English Bible)

Clothes make the man, so my aunt, Mary, told us kids a few times. She was particular about shoes. Our shoes, no matter how humble, had to be shined. Particularly if we were heading to lunch or supper with other relatives. For some reason, Mary felt that the status of a person’s shoes revealed a lot more about who they really were. Being non-clothes horses, my cousin and I came under scrutiny several times and failed miserably. How could we ever make an impression in the world, asserted Mary, if our shoes were slovenly?

We are clothed with Christ. Our status is determined by our faith in our Lord. The world sees our spiritual clothing. We are judged to a certain extent by our commitment and obedience to Jesus. Our very demeanor should reflect our faith. We wear His name!

I think that perhaps I should work on my spiritual clothing a little more and make sure that my appearance reveals my Lord.


(Excuse me for a moment, I see that my shoes aren’t shined.)

Turn on the Lights!

“Hold onto the faith and a good conscience, which some people have rejected. They wrecked their faith like a ship at sea.” I Tim 2:19 (Simple English Bible)

A teen commented to a group that it was difficult to remain focused on anything — the ether was flooded with computer games, Facebook, cell phones,Twitter, internet, etc. Everything was connected to the other and if he didn’t use these devices, his friends would close him out of the loop. Another girl spoke up and her answer really caught my attention. She said that she had a solid faith in Jesus and a good conscience in whatever she did! All it took was a commitment.

I admired the girl’s straight talk. She also participated in all these appliances but her mind was set aside for Christ. Her life was encompassed and infused with her Lord. The devices didn’t really matter. Whatever she touched, whatever she said and whatever she did was already committed to God!

What a refreshing attitude! It sure made me think about what I do and where I go. Her simple commitment to Jesus was like a brilliant light, shining right through her heart into a bewildering, convoluted world.

How’s about this: turn on your light!


Marilyn Monroe and Elvis

“It’s a matter of only mild intellectual interest to me whether the earth goes around the sun or the sun goes around the earth. In fact, I don’t care one way or the other!” Edward Abbey
There are certain facts of science and geography which are indisputable and sound but which don’t make much difference at all to the way we live. Do you really care how electricity works aside from the fact that it does? Personally, it doesn’t really effect me one way or the other if Marilyn Monroe committed suicide or was murdered; why Elvis croaked in his forties or if astronauts actually landed on the moon or whether it was faked!
While we might argue the toss and dredge up more data to bolster our ideas, isn’t Jesus the Real Deal, anyway? He promised to be with us until the end of the age. He promised to take us to Him home. He promised that we would spend the most important part of our existence with Him!
Or is there something more critical to discuss?