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Dateline USA – September 15, 2011

Greetings to everyone

The response from Stroh was terrific. They are so wired and keen. We’ve been treated so warmly and welcoming.

Bob Snyder said that the container could be filled by December and shipped in January if we can get everyone to work just a little harder. Aurora is sending a pick-up load. Northview is working for Bibles and materials. Bob has had people call for him to collect more. It is entirely feasible that the next container can be shipped quickly.

If everyone could contact their churches to clean out their storerooms and even neighboring churches, we could get this thing going. Already, there has been a donation to pay for the shipment. Let’s push this?

We’re in Grand Rapids until Saturday, then it’s Hillsdale and hopefully, Lake Area.

Steve & Sana Zimmerman

Dateline USA – September 2, 2011

Steve and Sana arrived a little worse for wear at O’Hare¬†International. Cyndi Royce, Steve’s cousin, was waiting with her kids¬†who had balloons and huge smiles of welcome. For the next few days,¬†Cyndi was a whirlwind of action, showing her visitors the sights and¬†sounds of Chicago. Her husband, Tom, hosted a business event at King’s¬†Park where the local AAA baseball team, the Cougars, played the Cubs¬†feeder team. (The home team narrowly lost 4-3 despite a rally at the¬†bottom of the 9th.) Sana was fascinated. “What’s the point?” she¬†asked.

The First Christian Church at Aurora (IL) hosted Steve and Sana for¬†the Sunday morning services. Mike Regan and his wife, Eleanor,¬†welcomed them warmly. Steve spoke at a combined adult Bible class,¬†outlining the projects and success of the mission. During the morning¬†worship, he preached on John 11. A young man came forward at the¬†invitation — Mike had been working with him for awhile and baptized¬†him into the Lord. Many people asked a lot of questions about the¬†mission’s program, Bibles for Africa, particularly the donation of¬†Bibles, books and teaching materials.

On Sunday afternoon, after luncheon with Mike, Eleanor and other members, Cyndi drove Steve and Sana into Indiana where they were met by Jim and Shirley Neuenschwander. They changed cars and landed safely in Angola, where the Neuenschwanders had arranged a house and vehicle for their use during furlough.

Steve checked with Bob Snyder during the week and the folks at Aurora had already called him regarding boxes of pew Bibles and Sunday School materials! There has been a donation to pay for the shipping costs of the next Container and Bob has estimated that if there are other churches and congregations with more materials, the shipment could leave fairly soon!

What an answer to prayer this would be!