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Straight and True

“Continue in prayer. Be alert. Be thankful.” Col 4:2 (Simple English Bible)

He was a friend of a relative. Brent always seemed to be in trouble, drinking and driving, looking for good times, living at home, sponging off his parents. Perhaps the reason Brent lived like he had no future was because he didn’t think the future was worth living for. Until he met Patty. She worked at the library, saved her money for college and ignored Brent’s advances. For some reason, Brent was smitten.

He asked his friends for advice. They were fellow party goers and drinkers, each had something to say but it didn’t help Brent. Finally, he turned to Sean, his cousin’s friend, a nerdy type guy who was quiet and worked hard at his own business, a small hardware store. Sean was a Christian, steady and reliable. Brent asked Sean why he was more successful than his friends.

Sean repeated this verse found in the letter to Colossians: pray, be alert, be thankful always. Brent initially scoffed but later realized that it was the best advice anyone had given him. He went with Sean to church, found a job and started dating Patty.

Sometimes, it is the little advice that reaches the hearts of those around us. They don’t need a sermon, rationalizations or long explanations. They need to hear the truth but in a manner that would make a difference in their thinking.

Just as we responded at one time!


Death and Taxes

“The difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every year.” A Wise Man

It is a difficult idea to grasp that we’re all born to die. In every aspect of nature, we see all systems eventually running down. Our term on Planet Earth is limited. What we can accomplish, what can be realized, what can be accumulated is limited. That part of the beauty of life is that we can chances and choices during our life span, which can make a difference in someone else’s life style.

We are only blessed with one life. That’s all God gave each one of us. Sometimes, time seems to drag along so slowly and other times, when we look back over the years, we wonder where time went! So, what we do with God’s blessing of life, is critical to our spiritual welfare.

I’m in favor of taking that chance now. Taking that opportunity that presents itself. Making the most of life’s choices around me. Doing what I can with what I have. Otherwise, I’ll feel that I’ve cheated myself!

What about you?


PS Steve will be taking a few days vacation and resume next Monday. If there is an internet connection available, then he will continue. Thanks for your patience


“This is what makes us feel so good: our conscience is telling the truth. We have lived our lives in this world purely and with the kind of sincerity, which comes from God, especially towards, you. We lived by God’s gracious love not human wisdom.” II Cor 1:12 (Simple English Bible)

Don wondered how it could be that Christians can’t live sincerely. We discussed this a lot when we were together during a visit. With all the pressures of the world and the socially acceptable immorality, why do Christians ignore, rationalize or deny righteousness? Are they scared? Would they stand to lose something? Maybe isn’t it important anymore because the world has changed so much.

Those are good questions. Especially since Don lost his job recently because he refused to accept a bribe. Also, his wife left him because he was ‘too religious’ and wanted to serve as a deacon in the church. She finally told him that he was a loser and never amount to much because he didn’t go with the flow. If you had to ask Don, he’d tell you that the truth hurts. Not only the sinner but also the believer.

We can’t give up or give in just because it is expedient or politically correct. I don’t think Paul backed down when the gospel or the truth was at stake. He knew where his strength and righteousness came from! Sadly, so many Christians just ignore things and just let it pass as long as they don’t lose anything.

Truth is truth. Whether you’re activating it or not!