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Towards the Light

“But the person who is living the truth comes toward the light. He wants his actions o become clear because he does them for God.” John 3:21 (Simple English Bible)

Mike was worried. He was the assistant treasurer at his church and helped to check and count the offerings before they were banked. But every time he volunteered to help further with the accounts and bank books, he was politely rebuffed by the treasurer, who was also an elder. At the monthly church board meetings, the funds were reported but no copies off the bank accounts were distributed. If anyone had a question, that person could approach the treasurer personally. But Mike didn’t know anyone who had done that.

He finally expressed his concern to another elder, who called a board meeting. The treasurer said he could bring the books to the next meeting. He forgot the next time. Two of the other elders visited his home but the treasurer claimed that the books were at his office. There was always an excuse. Finally, it was discovered that the man had been embezzling church funds. He repented and promised to repay all that he took but he also demanded that since God forgave him, he should also retain his position as treasurer!

If we are living the righteous life, we always are drawn to the truth. The light of Jesus is the most important aspect in our personal life! We volunteer to help or provide what is needed for the glory of our Lord.

Don’t we?



“So, brothers and sisters, do your best to make God’s calling and choice of you a sure thing.If you are doing these things, you will never fall away.”
II Pet 1:10 (Simple English Bible)

Jon is unemployed. His wife has a nursing job and that keeps the food on the table. There aren’t many places Jon can go to for work and he has tried often to do whatever he could to earn a living. Other family members have also fallen on hard times and have left the church, saying that God doesn’t look after them. Jon’s situation is worse but he has remained faithful.

Recently, Jon decided to continue weight lifting, which he had done seriously in his younger years. He cleaned out his garage and set up the equipment. Two gang members in the area saw what Jon was doing and offered to help. He showed them the basics and they were keen to continue. Soon, he had six being trained and more coming. After each session, Jon closes in prayer and sits and talks with the young men and hard times and his faithfulness to Jesus.

One of the young gangster’s fathers came to see what was happening and now pays Jon for the weight lifting classes. In a week, two more starting helping financially. They are particularly pleased that their sons are hearing the Good News first hand.

All we can do in our individual situations is to do what we can with what we have. It doesn’t look as if Jon will become a millionaire any time soon but his students will have a chance to obtain eternal life! Jon is making is calling sure.

I think we need to, too!


Epaphras, a Prisoner

“Epaphras greets you. He is one of your own and a servant of Jesus Christ. He is always wrestling in his prayers for you. He wants you to stand complete, totally sure of everything that God wants.” Col 4:12 (Simple English Bible)

What an attitude. One Christian man praying fervently for his fellow believers, many of them possibly his friends and former neighbors. Epaphras came from Colossae, a town near the Meander Valley in Asia (now Turkey). His prayer was for Christians to be completely sure of God’s will and be strong in the community. I sure wish more Christians today would pray and promote the same kind of boldness in their congregations and families!

Epaphras prayed for this because he couldn’t be there himself. He was in prison with Paul in Rome while this letter was being penned, along with the private letter to a Colossae resident, Philemon. But Epaphras never gave up, nor appeared to be discouraged about the Christians in his home town. He wanted the very best attitudes and service for them, all for Christ’s glory.

Let me present a challenge to you: this weekend, encourage another believer in Christ. Find something that they are doing or have done and make it part of your prayers. Then, encourage that person with your appreciation!

Think it will make a difference?