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Speak Up!

“This is written: I believe, so I spoke. Having that same spirit of faith, we also believe and that is why we speak.” II Cor 4:13 (Simple English Bible)

Jack worked for a boss who was always trying to cut corners and make an extra buck in any manner possible. After a painting job was done, Jack was asked to take the check to the painter but he noticed that it was a few hundred short. The boss waved Jack away, telling him that the painter was desperate for money and would accept whatever was offered. But Jack said it wasn’t right. He wouldn’t be a party to cheating or lying.

The boss was furious. He took the check away and paid the painter. Then he returned and fired Jack for not falling in line with “company policy”. Jack’s friends were upset. A few asked him why he didn’t keep your mouth shut and just do what the boss wanted? Most of them felt that his job wasn’t worth the tussle over a few hundred dollars.

Paul quotes Ps 116:10 — we are people of faith and belief. Not in the world or its standards but under the eyes of our Father. Our loyalty is to Christ. After all, He gave of Himself so that we can know our Redeemer and Savior.

And next to this, a few hundred dollars pales into insignificance.


NB Steve is traveling to the United States and might not be able to post daily.

Dead End Street

“Life is a full time job!” Anon wise man

Jack never seemed to care no matter what happened to him. He was a drifter, living on the streets, sleeping in doorways, panhandling for handouts or food from passersby. He wasn’t a criminal nor a threat to anybody. Jack was just unconcerned about life and claimed he didn’t eed direction. He was okay and wasn’t breaking any law except vagrancy. Cops didn’t hassle him. He didn’t take drugs, nor did he drink or smoke ever since he was 17.

I talked to him one day. How in the world did he end up on the street? Had he been kicked out of home or lost a job? I was surprised to learn that he’d celebrated with a few friends in downtown when he’d graduated from high school. He’d awakened the next morning, sitting on the sidewalk, cap in hand with a few dollars in it! As he sat there with a blinding hangover, a few more people dropped change in his cap. So he stayed there for the day and watched the money grow. From then, he enjoyed doing nothing and letting others support him.

His attitude surprised me. Everybody wanted something, I thought, but Jack didn’t. I spoke to him about God’s love and he just smiled. He didn’t need God. He was just fine — no responsibilities, no hassles, nothing to do.

Jack was nearly fifty but died about ten years ago. There was a small obit in the newspaper of the city burying him. Even today, it still bothers me that someone can go through life without living. Sadly, there are Christians who do the same — shuffling along the outskirts of life, going through the motions, just going with the flow. Jesus demands our love and service. After all, He died so we could have life!


Sacrifical Lambs

“When these people are forgiven, sacrifices for sin are no longer needed.” Heb 10:18 (Simple English Bible)

Ron made a bad mistake. He succumbed to temptation and had an affair with an office worker. He prayed for forgiveness, quit his job and then told his wife, Mary. She was furious but agreed to go for counseling with the pastor of their church. Ron was truly repentant and tried to make up for it in his marriage. But Mary never forgot. Over the years, she became suspicious of his every move and reminded him of his transgression whenever they fought.

Eventually, Ron withdrew which caused Mary to suspect he was cheating again. She filed for divorce and a bitter battle over their assets took months to sort out. She told Ron that he had to pay for his mistake — after all, his affair was the real reason for the failure of their relationship. Ron’s remained single and lives a very subdued life. He still attends church but isn’t as involved as he once was.

Every Christian should understand that there is true forgiveness when we repent! Everyone makes mistakes and everyone must take responsibility for those errors and sins. Ron still feels guilty about his past but thinks that unless Mary forgives him, he isn’t truly forgiven. When God forgives, He doesn’t remember any more. He become forgetful. For our sakes.

And for the sake of His Son, who died so we could be forgiven.