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Things Just Fall Down!

“As a kid, it took me a long time to realize that things just fall down — it was gravity, not me, and it was okay!” Steve

There were certain things that took me a long time to understand as a child. I got the concept that the big hand and little hand on a clock worked differently but not why they did. I liked the idea that there were four cardinal directions but wondered why everybody left out the other two — up and down. I couldn’t figure out why grown-ups could use euphemisms but I couldn’t. And there are times in my adult life when I still can’t understand why everyone insists on singing the same Christmas carols over and over again.

But what I realized was that whatever I lacked, God more than made up for. He knows me better than anyone. He realized how stupid I could be and how incompetently I handled certain situations. Yet, His wisdom stretched over my faults and failings to provide the right time and place to help those who needed it most. Even when I hadn’t even realized it.

For me, this is a large part of faith. Just trusting in my Father when there’s no solution in sight; when all appears the blackest; when I am in doubt; when my faith is stretched to the limit. Because at the end, it is His grace that provides my strength!



“Everything I do, I do for the gospel. I want to share in it.” I Cor 9:23 (Simple English Bible)

Terry was handicapped but his desire was to be able to preach the gospel and he spent years overcoming his liabilities. Diana’s dream was to marry and raise a family but she waited for a special kind of man — a man who wanted to be a pastor. Jean was an talented musician and declined the invitation to play in an orchestra so she could concentrate on gospel music. Ron studied physics at university but before he graduated, he switched his major to Biblical studies at great cost to himself.

It doesn’t make much sense that these people would go backwards when the world was pushing forwards. Yet, these few were focused on one thing in their lives: the gospel and its impact upon the hearts and minds of others. For each of them, another direction was their goal in life. One that would last above and beyond worldly standards.

I believe it is the same challenge for each of us. Do what you do, work hard to achieve your goal but keep in mind that is the gospel for which we strive and live.


What Do You Want?

“Jesus asked her, What do you want with me, woman? My time has not yet come.” John 3:4 (Simple English Bible)

Like Mary, the mother of Jesus, we find ourselves in a similar position. Jesus has not yet returned, nor does it seem, that many Christians know what they want! With the media explosion of the past two decades, there is so much that has been said and will be said in the press, on cable TV, on the internet, via blogs, posted on You Tube and other sources that is is difficult to hear a sane voice in the cacophony of voices! Even Christians have difficulty to know what to think or believe!

Yet there are a few simple principles onto which we can hold as a certainty: Jesus WILL return. His promises WILL be fulfilled. Our salvation IS assured. God WILL provide for our every need. We are living in the Last Days. That is from God’s side.

Our side looks a little different. We are here to meet the needs of people. We must obey Christ’s commands (John 13:34-35). We must seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). We are assured of a home, which has been prepared especially for us (John 14:1-3).

The final time of Christ will come and we know what we must be doing.