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“So, you became an example to all of the believers in the areas of Macedonia and Achaia.” I Thess 1:7 (Simple English Bible)

Charlie wasn’t his real name but he’d heard about the Bible classes in his area. He wanted to go but his parents and friends said that he really couldn’t cope with the teaching. It would be very intense and anyway, Charlie was a little retarded. He had to quit school in the fourth grade, having failed different grades for five years. He had a simple job, delivering groceries in the area where he lived.

But Charlie wanted to go! He was the loudest voice in the congregation when hymns were sung. He sat in every class and attended every prayer meeting. He knew he didn’t understand much but he wanted to do what he could. When the Bible classes started, Charlie was there in the front row, listening intently. He couldn’t find the Scriptures fast enough or even read without hesitating and stumbling. He was disheartened.

After the last Bible class, the teacher saw him crying outside the hall. He took Charlie aside and asked what the problem was. When Charlie explained, the teacher put his arm around the young man and said that everything that was taught was simple: seek and save the lost! All the way home, Charlie told every passerby and neighbor — Jesus came to seek and save the lost! The following Sunday at service, four new people were there. They’d come to hear what a retarded lad had told them in the street.

Maybe we need more like Charlie to spread the Word?


A Certainty!

“Do you want the greatest degree of certainty in your life? Give it to Christ — He has plans for you and none of them are bad!” Anon wise man.

I suppose with the advent of 24 hr new reports and multi-channel cable and satellite television, the world has grown smaller. We are now told of crimes committed in far away places, little known medical revelations, information ‘revealed’ by secret sources and wars generated by small bands of bandits in remote nations. If all of this is to be believed, then the world is in a state of collapse.

Humans do not like being in the dark or played for a sucker. We value habit, routine and security. No one wants to live in a war zone or country were riots and public violence are out of control. We plan ahead, reduce risks and spend our lives ensuring that future has a future! The less there is to worry about, the happier we are.

Yet, deep in the back of our minds, we know that life is unpredictable. Anything can happen at any time. No one believes that when they leave home in the morning that they won’t make it back in the evening. Yet, the only certainty in our lives is Christ. He has promised to be with us always. He has promised a home for us with Him.

If and only if, we live for Him!



“We are people who no legs who keep running. We are people with no voice who keep shouting. We are people with no hands who keep working. Because we are empowered by our faith in our Almighty Father to help those who have no legs, no voice and no hands.” A wise man

I was approached by a member of one of the churches nearby. He was an older man who hadn’t missed a Sunday service in three decades. He had served as a deacon for many years and taught a Sunday School class occasionally. But he was dissatisfied with his commitment to his Lord and asked me what he should do.

In a way, it reminded me of the young rich man who came to Jesus for advice. He’d kept all the commandments and retained his faith in God but was dissatisfied with his spiritual life. Of course, he was disappointed in Christ’s reply. Yet, I believe there are many Christians in the same situation — they have done whatever was perceived to be the right thing but still feel as if something is missing. They want to do more and make a difference.

I told this wonderful Christian man to pray for the right opportunities, roll up his sleeves and get involved. Since then, he has helped identify the needs of his community, enlist helpers and remain focused. He has less time for church meetings and more time for those who respond to the love of Christ in his heart.

He is making a difference as we all should, don’t you think?