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Christmas greetings from Cape Town, SA

This year has been a roller coaster as I’m sure it has been for most people. Two important people in my life were called home: my Mom, Jean Zimmerman (93) and Thompson Ntobie, a fearless and tireless evangelist, translator, mentor and friend (88). There were many disappointments but even more joys. And yet, Jesus is still coming!

The world remembers Him during this time of year. The message may be hidden in commercialism, parties and forgetfulness but for Christians, we remember Jesus Christ as our Savior, Redeemer and Lord. He is risen!! He is the Good News!!

Sana and I want to wish each and everyone a blessed and joyful Christmas and New Year! Your prayers, support and concern for us have been such an encouragement!

May God’s grace continually cover your lives!

Steve and Sana Zimmerman
S.A. Christian Mission, Cape Town

Godly Grammar

“God is a verb, not a noun!” Mickey Dolenz

They were upset with her. Janice wanted to start a coffee club for women at the church. She had planned it as a fellowship group where Christian women could pray, share together and support one another. Janice approached the leadership with her request but was turned on. One of the elders told her that the church wasn’t a social club for gossip.

When Janice began having it in her home, she was visited by two elders. They objected that she was operating outside the confines of the congregation. It wasn’t seemly for women to be seen as independent of their men! Janice again asked if the coffee club could meet in the church as she had originally requested. She explained that the women wanted to do something rather than just holding down a bench on Sunday mornings. One of the elders persuaded the others that Janice have their permission. The womens’ group grew rapidly, visiting hospitals, children’s homes, etc.

We like to think in terms of a static environment. Perhaps if we think of God as a noun, it makes it easier for us to understand. But God isn’t static. He has expectations of His believers. He has given us blessings and abilities to do whatever needs to be done. He opens the doors for us to serve.

And those are verbs!

The Learning Curve

“Follow my example, as I am following the example of Christ.” I Cor 11:1 (Simple English Bible)

The choices were difficult. I really couldn’t make up my mind. There were so many factors to consider and I only had time to do one of them. A sense of guilt followed me around because all three options were needed to be done at the same time. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, nor did I want to favor one over the other.

I guess we get into bind sometimes because we don’t learn to just say No! There are so many needs and so many people that we stretch ourselves too thin. I am reminded that Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world, not save the whole world. That was His job! But this idea that if we don’t perform well or don’t do every single job that we can, that somehow we have failed.

Paul made it clear that he was following Christ’s example. Do what you can with what you have. Meet the genuine needs of people. Talk to them, comfort them, focus on what they need. It’s a lesson that I have only learned imperfectly. It’s a lesson that needs to be learned better so I can walk in the footsteps of my Leader.

It isn’t as easy as I thought but I’m getting there!