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On The Air With Cape Pulpit Radio

The Christian radio station (Cape Pulpit Radio) has asked me to record over fifty slots forĀ broadcast. Over the past few months, theĀ response has been tremendous andĀ people are asking for more. The station reaches over 200,000 homes in Cape Town and surrounds.

Our thanks to each and everyone whoĀ has e-mailed or sent cards. All of youĀ have encouraged us so much. Also, our thanksgiving is shared with Bob and Roberta Snyder and all those who helped with the container.

In Christ,
Steve Zimmerman

Musical Chairs

“What does this mean? The people of Israel tried to hard to get something but they didn’t get it. However, God’s chosen few did get it! The rest became stubborn.” Rom 11:7 (Simple English Bible)

She asked me about the music for the worship service. What did I think was appropriate music in order to worship God in spirit and in truth. I knew what she was getting at: there was a choice between contemporary and traditional hymns and choruses. The younger members liked the upbeat, more modern songs and the older folks preferred the old hymns.

What was more upsetting than the actual choices for the music, was the attitude of the different sides of the argument. Nobody wanted to compromise! People either wanted one or the other. All the other suggestions that would allow each style to be played equally were not acceptable. There were vehement arguments every time the subject was raised.

There are certainly things to fight for. We cannot compromise on sin or wickedness. We strive for excellence. We promote goodness and helpfulness. Stubborn attitudes and behavior for such trivialities only weaken the church. Our focus is on Christ and the gospel’s message to those who are lost.

Isn’t it?


What Happened to Josh

“John answered, Teacher, we saw someone who was throwing demons out by using your name. We kept telling him to stop because he is not one of your followers as we are.” Luke 9:49 (Simple English Bible)

Josh was a young man, attending a nearby college, and attended a church within the same community. He was welcomed and because he liked people, he volunteered to help with a hospital visitation program. There was an elderly lady in one of the wards, who had broken her hip and a few ribs in a fall. She’d been sent to the hospital from a country town and didn’t know anyone.

She enjoyed Josh’s visits because she was so lonely. But when her family found out that Josh belonged to a rival church, they accosted him and told him not to come back. Josh was surprised. He said that all he did was read the Bible and chat with the woman. He wasn’t there to convert anyone. When he returned the next day, the administrator stopped Josh at the door and asked him to stay away until the lady was released.

We might not all belong to the same church group. The names on the door might be different and worship services might sound and look different. But, as long as we have all obeyed God’s requirements, according to the Word, we are all His children. And we all serve at His good pleasure.