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Glory Be!

“We were not looking for glory from men, not from you or anyone else.” I Thess 2:6 (Simple English Bible)

Jason’s grandfather was retired. He liked to help widows and the poor of the congregation with home repairs, rides to the store or doctor, taking homemade soup or simple meals to the elderly and sweeping out driveways or porches. He didn’t charge anything — he said that the Lord had blessed him with good health. It was his way of serving the Lord with those of the household of faith.

When one of the members of the church had a heart attack and was hospitalized, Jason’s grandfather looked after the house. He made sure the plants were watered, the pets fed and the lawn was mowed. After the crisis, when the man returned home from the hospital, a neighbor told him that he’d done all the work. The man was so grateful that he gave his neighbor $1000 as a gift. Jason was upset and asked his grandfather to rectify the mistake. But the older man said that his reward wasn’t money or glory. Instead, he was serving Christ.

There are some Christians who feel the need to stand in the spotlight and claim credit for their deeds. While I am sure that everybody likes to be thanked, we must also understand that it is Jesus who is glorified, whether we are thanked or not!


Jim and the Old Age Home

“When Jesus said this, all the people who were opposing Him felt ashamed of themselves. The whole crowd was happy. They were thanking God for the wonderful things Jesus was doing.” Luke 13:17 (Simple English Bible)

Jim was a dedicated Christian who rarely spoke up during an adult Bible class, prayer meeting or worship service. He served in the old age home during the week and took the communion to those who could not make the trip to church. One of the deacons was on a cost cutting measure and thought that if Christians couldn’t make it to Sunday service, then it was up to them to make arrangements for the Lord’s table. The church could save a bit of money by cutting off Jim’s gasoline allowance, etc.

When Jim heard this, he was furious. During a congregational meeting to discuss the finances of the church, he spoke up. He asked if the deacon in question had ever visited the old age home or spoken to any of the Christians who lived there. He asked if that if the church was in such dire straits that they had to cut off the Lord’s believers, he would take the money from his own pocket. After a lengthly silence, the members overwhelmingly voted to continue Jim’s quiet ministry.

Despite the freewheeling morality and sinfulness of the world, people know what is right and wrong. Sin is sin no matter what excuse or rationalization is offered to cover it. And when our Lord returns, the Truth about all things will prevail. Once and for all!



“Life is just a step of transition.” Anon Christian

I used to like Payday candy bars and Cracker Jack. As a child, both of these were the best treats in the world. I’d save part of my allowance just for the sheer pleasure of buying a Payday, slowly tearing off one end of the wrapper and sliding it out. it was a mouthful and I always chewed slowly to extract every flavor and nuance.Neither of those treats are the same. The companies have cheapened then to the degree that they don’t taste the same nor are they even the same size! I feel that somewhere along the line, I was cheated!

But as an adult, I realize that nothing is permanent. Life moves, people change, cities grow, food doesn’t taste the same. Everything seems to be on the move somewhere else. What I considered as permanent is now much different. Not even my bank has remained the same — it’s been bought out by bigger and bigger institutions!

My only constant is Christ. I really can’t count on anything else. No one else has the Truth, the only Truth. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I can depend upon His promises. I am emboldened by His presence and power. And it a world that can bite pretty fast, Jesus is the solid rock!