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From Cape Town To Cameroon – Report

NOTE: Bibles and teaching contacts in Cape Town are reaching far into all of Africa. Here is a report Steve just sent.

Dear Friends

My friends and coworkers in Cameroon have sent another update. What they have to deal with and how their enthusiasm for the Lord propels them to works of excellence, is an example for us all.



Dearest in Christ,

Greetings and love from your brothers and sisters here in wotutu in particular and Cameroon as a whole . WE do hope you are doing great in all that you do for the Lord and family. By His special grace we are doing better in health and our activities.

I bring to you our weekly report now .God is still sitting on the throne ,so He continue to help us to accomplish His mission for mankind in our communities and our country Cameroon. CBIW students are back in school except one who is still sick Namana Martin.

Let me share some pictures with you .



You can see our students in class for the last quarter of their first year of studies , they started off with this quarter with Leadership , as you can see me in class , teaching the course , it is a great course as they can testify within this week.Keep them in your prayers as to prepare to grow , so that their growth will affect and impact many in their respective ministries.



This pictures was taken to show hard working students ,past Friday , from left brother Dikana Ngoe me in the middle and right is brother Enow Elvis who came out best students in memory work , it is part of our program that our students start up every day with what we CALL SPEED TEST which BOOK ,CHAPTER, VERSE ,So these students performed well and I decided to award them these suit which was donated to us by CBIW coordinator during his last visit in June ,I decided to give to those who really work for it because it was not enough for all the students to have one pair each , to avoid any mix feelings from others that was the best way to give it out.



Two more students who were not on campus when we gave out reports made it this week to campus safe and strong , with a great news of souls being added .You can see brother Julius wamo who baptized brother Samuel in Mudeka congregation where he serve during his campaign.



Brother Julius is seen in the river where he baptized sister Helen , brother Oliver Anthony who was sick also return much better and he is taking treatment here in CBIW, a total of 9 souls where added to the church in those areas making a total of 54 souls during our campaign , please keep these souls in your prayers as we continue to make efforts to help them stay in Christ mostly in Congregations that there is no preacher.



The week was characterized with sorrow as we loss sister Martha Mesumbe at the age of 25 years , she was a Christian barely 1 year and the Lord called her home , you can see me addressing the crowd on the topic awareness,making many to know that awareness goes with information and if you are NOT INFORM THEN YOU WILL BE DEFORM ,the gospel is out to help many as they will obey to follow Jesus ,her burial went on well , we give glory to God .

Our weekend evangelism continue to make impact to those congregations that we send our students on weekly basis ,Today our young congregation in Batoke worshipped 21 while the revived congregation in Ediki worship 29 , because some of our brethren travel out for family responsibilities ,we praise God for the growth of His church in those areas .Keep the work in your prayers.


1 WE shall be in Mbanga congregation from the 17th to the 20th October for mass evangelism in that young congregation which barely one year and few months old , it is a place with diversity of people speaking French and English but it is dominated by French speaking people , our presence will help with the work there keep us in your prayers.

2 The church of Christ in Munyenge behind the Cameroon mountain is inviting us also a for four days house to house evangelism from by the end of the month , please we are still contemplating if we shall make the trip because moving with all the students out of campus twice in a month is huge financial burden, keep us in your prayers as our hearts move towards the gospel is calling.


God bless you for accepting the privilege to serve the Lord in this capacity with us as we reach out to many communities and touching souls with the undiluted message to save many who will believe .God will reward you in due season, you are always in our prayers and we are happy that we are doing this , pray for us and do your best to share this report with others.God bless you.

Elangwe and family

By His grace Director CBIW



SACM Newsletter – October 2013

SACM Container 2012 - 44Container Project Has Far Reaching Impact

These are the Christians in Cameroon (in the corner of Africa above the Congo). They call every now and then to ‘report’, which they don’t have to do to me but they do out of courtesy. A few refugees have returned on occasion and leave their Bibles there. When they come back to Cape Town, they ask for another. So, the Bibles for Africa Project reaches into the uttermost parts of Africa. – Steve


Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon, I do hope you are all doing okay in the family there. We are trying our best here, many are still down in health even my sons. Keep them in your prayers.

CBIW students ended their campaign today and it transit them to their different homes for vacation and they will come back to school this Saturday for the last quarter of their first year of studies in CBI. God is doing great things in the life of many this way and we continue to rejoice in the Lord.


On the 17 of October , we shall make a trip with all the students to Mbanga congregation for a four days effective evangelism to help the young congregation there.

Shows me in a train station ready to travel to areas that our students are serving .It was a hectic week and we meet lots of people sharing the good news to them , making them to turn their eyes to the savior who readily awaits them to come for their salvation.


God bless you as we appreciate God for you standing by us to make known the gospel to many and also to train men to preach the gospel.

Do your best to share this report with others as we shall share with you next week concerning just ended campaign. God bless you.

Elangwe and family

By His grace Director CBIW


Bibles For Africa

Due to the generosity of MOL Shipping Line and other donors, another container was dispatched from Michigan. (I think it is the 10th or 11th.) MOL has been actively involved in Ingwe Care, the children’s ministry, and supplied funding for Educares (day cares in private township homes) and the AIDS orphanage.

I approached the woman in charge, Tracy, and asked for help — she took it to the directors, who forwarded my request letter to their principals in Japan. MOL would cover the sea freight costs if SACM would pack, load and get the container to a US port! This was such an answer to prayer by so many people. It is amazing that the Good News has reached CEOs all the way to Japan!

There were a few hiccups but all was sorted out. Kristina at Master Provisions handled the US documentation and ensured the container was sent to New York. She ironed out so many difficulties. We thank her for her contribution!

The container arrived in September at the McLaughlin New Life Center. It was quickly unloaded and currently, Sana and I work daily to open each box, sort and stack on the right pallets. Already, four pastors from Johannesburg were blessed with Bibles after hearing of the news. (They were conducting a workshop nearby and rushed over!)

The driver of the container truck wondered what was being unloaded so efficiently by our work crew. I explained what it was all about. He asked for Bibles for his son and daughter, delighted with these precious gifts. His daughter called me the next day, asking for Cape Bible Seminary classes and Bibles for the church members where she attends. The message goes out, even at the simplest level!

Our thanks to Bob and Roberta Snyder who pack each box and store it until a container load is ready. Also, the work team from Northview who come and load the container.

We need more containers of Bibles!!!!

Steve Zimmerman

Places, Everyone!

“God gives seed to the man who plants and He will give him bread to eat. God will also give you plenty of spiritual seed and make your righteousness grow into a fine harvest.” II Cor 9:10 (Simple English Bible)

Maggie was more worried about her grandkids finding work than anything else. While the two teens were in high school, she tried to persuade them to continue their education in college but neither were really interested. After graduation, both Rick found work in a radio station and Patsy was hired as a receptionist in a dentist’s office. Maggie kept after them, even offering to pay for part of their college tuition if they reconsidered.

Then, her attitude started to change. Maggie noticed that her granddaughter was also volunteering her time and assistance to a local food program. People seemed to like her causal attitude and humor. Rick was learning Spanish and honed his skills by speaking with the Hispanic community. Both were dedicated Christians and spoke about their faith.

While it is important to have a good job and earn a living, it is just as important to use our spiritual skills while we do so. Not all of us are college graduates or professionals. Each level of society needs an example of Christ-like service and believers who take up the challenge.