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“This is what I am praying for:  I want your love to overflow more and more with a fuller knowledge and all insight.” Phil 1:9 (Simple English Bible)

He thought he was in love. Really, he did! But when Raymond confessed his feelings to his girlfriend, she didn’t respond in the normal Hollywood end-of-the-movie style. I mean, when a guy says, “I love you!”, then the correct and immediate response should be the same. “Yes, darling, I love you, too!” (The ‘darling’ is obviously optional.)

That didn’t happen.Instead, Helen regarded her boyfriend carefully. This was the first time he had admitted his feelings for her. The normal response would have been easy. She had loved him for awhile but never said anything. Helen asked, “Why?” Raymond’s reaction was priceless. His facial expression was one of bewilderment. Then, Helen explained, “I don’t want you to love me because I’m good looking or a good cook or housekeeper. I want you to love me for nothing, just because I am.”

I think Paul’s prayer for overflowing love was answered by Helen. Too many times, we are enthralled with the circumstance, outward appearances or emotional appeal. Maybe we should love Jesus for nothing, just for who He is.

What do you think?



Spring 2014 Meeting April 5, 2014

LOCATION: Stroh Church of Christ, South 1100 West, Hudson, IN

TIME: 11:00 am EST with a small luncheon following the meeting.

Directions to the church click here.

Church Information and website

We will be talking to Steve Zimmerman via Skpe, making plans for his furlough trip.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. There are exciting developments.

Mark Vernik
SACM – Chairman


“Accept the brother who is weak in faith but don’t argue about opinions.” Rom 14:1 (Simple English Bible)

It had been continuing for almost a year. Derek wanted every worship service closed with a standard hymn — he was on the church board and had persuaded most of the members that this would bring uniformity and unity to the church. He’d selected a hymn (‘God Be With You Until We Meet Again’) and pushed for it. He was surprised when his proposal didn’t garner a unanimous vote and started to hassle those who didn’t agree.

For their part, the members who didn’t like the idea pushed back against Derek’s unflattering attitude towards them. This soon spread to the congregation and people took sides. It had a ripple effect:  matters that had long since forgotten were raised and it became a tangled mess. Within a short time, the original proposal by Derek was forgotten!

The Apostle Paul was right:  opinions are just that. They change from person to person, generation to generation and congregation to congregation. We are to worship in fellowship in spirit and in truth. That is the basis of our faith in our Father!