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Answers Are Important!

“Some people are so poor that all they have is money.” A wise man

Bill was a wealthy man. When he died, there were many people there to pay their respects and to praise him for his philanthropy and generosity to charities. Bill’s wife had divorced him two decades before because he was so busy with business. Still, he made time for his children and provided for his family without qualm.

After the graveside service, the limos and cars left. Only the cemetery personnel and the pastor who performed the ceremony were left. One of the personnel had heard that Bill had been a rich man who had lived a lavish lifestyle. He asked the pastor if knew how much money Bill had left behind. The pastor replied, “Bill left it all!”

We came into this world with nothing and we can’t take anything with us. Except Jesus. Whatever we have now and whatever we will ever buy, earn, trade or be gifted, will be left behind for someone else. That is why Jesus stated that without Him, we have nothing! So, the question is this: do you have Jesus?

The answer is important!


Not Nike!

“If you don’t want anyone to find out, don’t do it!” Anon wise man.

Kathy and Jim were a couple. Not yet engaged but going steady. Both had jobs, lived at home to save money and were active members in the church. And it happened: Kathy discovered one day to her horror that she was pregnant! Parents were told, hasty arrangements made, embarrassment all around. It happened over and over again like a conveyor belt.

John and his college buddies stole car for a joyride. They were caught, did 60 days in jail and were released. After John graduated from college, he was shocked to discover that his ‘innocent’ prank was on his record and companies didn’t hire him despite the fact that he was a regular churchgoer.

Tracy needed some extra cash for a new dress to attend the wedding of her cousin. She ‘borrowed’ money from the petty cash at work, then was arrested in front of her co-workers. The company dropped the charges but she had to repay the light-fingered loan. Her boss attended the same congregation that Tracy, which caused her much discomfort.

People love to rationalize their errors, sins and mistakes but when they’re caught out, there are so many excuses and deflections that it sounds like a verbal blizzard. The bottom line is so simple: just don’t do it no matter how much you’re tempted. After all, God has promised that we will never, read that, NEVER be tempted beyond our ability to withstand.




“The truth about Christ was confirmed in you.” I Cor 1:4 (Simple English Bible)

The fisherman was swept off the rock by an enormous wave. Several bystanders leaped into the sea and tried to rescue the man to no avail. They barely made it out of the surf themselves, exhausted and wet from the pounding waves. Only one man remained hip deep in water, battling the waves. Finally, the fisherman was pulled ashore and CPR began. Someone had already called 911 and the paramedics were on their way.

The first man gave up CPR when it was quite apparent that the fisherman had drowned. The man who’d pulled him in took over and kept going for another 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived at the same time as the fisherman’s wife. She had to be restrained while more efforts were made to revive her husband. But sadly, there was no recovery. One of the paramedics asked the man who’d done almost all of the work, why he had continued CPR when it was obvious that the fisherman had died. “Because it needed to be done and there was no one esle,” came the reply.

Christians are the only ones standing between the ways of the world and Christ’s salvation. Just because many will ignore the Truth, doesn’t give us license to stop spiritual CPR. Because if we don’t step in, who will?