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Steve Zimmerman Arrives In The States Safely!


I am now in Chicago. Rain, thunder and lightning so my greeting was loud and turbulent. I’m staying in Wheaton for about ten days before moving to Stroh. Today I’ll scout out a phone.



Dear supporters and friends of the mission!

Thank you for your prayers for this trip and especially for Steve’s safe travel. Steve contacted me this morning to let me know he was safe in the Chicago area where he will be visiting several congregations.

In several weeks Steve will be in the Michigan, Indiana, Ohio area. The Lord has provided through several generous people a car with great gas mileage and a place to stay! The Lord is gracious and provides.

Sincerely His

Mark Vernik South African Christian Chairman

An Unanswered Question

“I want you Jewish leaders to know that God has sent His salvation to the Gentiles. They will listen!” Acts 28:28 (Simple English Bible)

Bro Kiis hails from Burundi. He had a long hard journey through the war torn areas to find himself in South Africa through Zambia and Zimbabwe. It wasn’t an easy journey but he walked, begged for rides, worked whenever anyone would help him and finally found himself in Cape Town, thousands of miles from his home. Kiis is a Christian man and an eager student of the Word. He always as a smile and is very friendly.

Kiis can’t get his head around one thing: why the Western cultures do not take the Bible seriously. It disturbs him that worship, studying the Word and giving thanks to God is taken so casually, almost optional. His most frequent question is this: if the Bible is God’s words, why don’t people listen? This verse in Acts confirms his belief that the gospel is for all! So what is the problem?

I wish I could answer Bro Kiis. He is a confused Christian. Everyone claims to follow Jesus but few apparently do so as a take-it-or-leave-it choice. The answer to him is very elusive.

Maybe you can answer Bro Kiis?



“Maybe I expected too much.” Anon.

Janine fell in love with Ralph in high school. They dated and enjoyed each other’s company, then continued seeing each other afterwards. Janine enrolled in a nearby college and Ralph worked in a restaurant, first as a waiter and then as an assistant manager. Against the advice of her folks, Janine married her boyfriend before she graduated. Money was short but then managed to make ends meet.

Ralph wasn’t a regular church-goer, claiming that his job kept him too busy on the weekends. Janine always attended the worship services and helped with the children’s program even though she, too, juggled homemaking, cooking, cleaning, studying and a part time job. It was in their second year of marriage that she discovered that Ralph was having an affair with one of the staff. The marriage fell apart. He didn’t seem to be that upset — Janine, he said, expected too much.

What we expect and what God expects are two completely different standards. As much as we can be disappointed in our friends, family and fellow Christians, God can say the same thing about us, too! Our focus is Christ and serving Him. Our standard for accomplishing this is righteousness and forgiveness.