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Marion’s Tears

“This is the evidence of the just judgment of God, so that you may be considered worthy of the Kingdom of God, for which you are suffering.” II Thess 1:5 (The New American Bible)

It was a sad and tragic funeral. A young woman had been beaten to death by her husband in a drunken rage. She had been protecting her two young children from harm and had instead, given her life. The man was in jail, weeping pitifully, saying it hadn’t been his fault:  his wife had failed to prepare his supper the right way.

Stan was one of the pall bearers. He had known the family for many years and was appalled by the senseless death. Walking back from the grave, he tried to comfort the woman’s mother and said he was sorry. “I’m not,” came the reply. “I have my grandchild safe with me, Marion won’t be hungry, hurt or beaten any longer and right now, because she was a faithful Christian woman, she is beyond suffering and God has wiped away all her tears!”

Sometimes, Christians must look beyond this life in order to live in this one. Maybe we should understand that the first part of our existence is the shortest one — if we are faithful, if we serve, if we do all we can in order to bring Christ to the world, then God will wipe away our tears.



Lynne’s Peace

“Grace, mercy and peace shall be with us, from God, the Father, and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.” II John 3 (American Standard Version)

Lynne always had a problem with the ‘peace’ part of the Scriptures. Paul and the other writers continually mentioned ‘grace’ and ‘mercy’, which she understood fairly well. But in her life, there seemed to be nothing but turmoil, one problem after another. She had little peace and tranquillity. Both Lynne and her husband worked hard, their two teenage boys had part time jobs after school and the money was enough to keep home and hearth going. Yet, there always seemed to be another unexpected expense or bill so the family just couldn’t seem to get ahead.

Finally, after confessing her doubt to her best friend, Beth, it was explained to Lynne that the peace the apostles wrote about was peace with God. That by obedience to the truth and continuing to love God beyond anything else, resulted in God’s saving grace.

And that, is true peace!