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This is a special week, the run-up to a special remembrance, which the world has named Easter. Of course, like Christmas and the Rapture, Easter doesn’t appear anywhere in the New Testament. These are conventional terms that the certain religions have used as a label on behalf of Christianity. I find nothing wrong with them per se but I always prefer to use Biblical terms because the Bible is easier to understand without all the additional rules and customs attached to made-up names.

My sons always questions where the Easter bunny came from and why rabbits were suddenly endowed with the magical power of laying eggs. Chocolate ones, at that! Also, why eggs were painted and hidden for a finder’s-keeper’s game. These were sometimes difficult to explain to them. Instead, I stuck to the real explanation of the Passover: ¬†Jesus Christ.

He died, was buried and rose again. This is the continual message we remember over this time period. I like to extend that further by remembering the end result: ¬†salvation to anyone who believes and obeys the gospel. This is a celebration of our faith, for us who haven’t seen, and yet believed. The culmination of Christ’s mission to seek and save the lost!


Michigan Christian Convention Collecting Bibles!

Thank you to Michigan Christian Convention who is coordinating collection of Bibles for South African Christian Mission! The convention will be held Friday and Saturday April 17-18 on the campus of Great Lakes Christian College. (6211 W. Willow Hwy, Lansing, Michigan 48917)

Donate Used Bibles and Commentaries For a Good Cause
Something new to the MCC conference this year is the opportunity for participants in the convention to donate Bibles and commentaries, either from their personal libraries or from church libraries, that you no longer use.

There are churches and ministers in South Africa who can benefit from your generosity. Steve Zimmerman, Director of South African Christian Mission, said, “An opportunity to give the Word of God to people who can’t afford it can make a huge difference to Christians in Africa.

Len’s Hardship

“We’re not given a good life or a bad life. We’re given a life. It’s up to you to make it good or bad.” Anon friend

Len pleaded with the judge as the sentence was given. He said that he came from the wrong side of the tracks, his family was poor and he didn’t do well in school. Len claimed that his was a life of hardship and shouldn’t be found guilty of car theft. He was only stealing because he had no choice. Without a high school diploma or a leg up from his parents, this was the best he could do. He hadn’t hurt anyone nor had he threatened to hurt anyone. In fact, Len concluded, the insurance company would pay out so nobody really lost anything.

The judge saw it differently. There were plenty of opportunities offered by various organizations who would’ve helped Len. In fact, the city in which he lived, had different programs to assist people in a situation like his: ¬†work assistance, training programs, manual labor offerings and even a hostel to allow people to get back on their feet. Len hadn’t taken advantage of any of them. Len went to prison.

It has always amazed me that so many do not avail themselves of the salvation and promises God has made. There are no entrance fees, physical tests or written qualifications. The forgiveness and blessings from our Father have always been available at any time, day or night! What a precious gift!

Let’s make sure we don’t waste it!