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Elsa’s Lack

“I tell you the truth, they have much enthusiasm for God but they don’t understand.” Rom 10:2 (Simple English Bible)

Elsa was confused. She’d been attending church regularly ever since she was a teenager. She’d been contributing tithes and offerings. She married a Christian man and had two wonderful daughters. There was family time every evening to read the Bible together and pray. Church wasn’t just a habit but her Christian belief was a lifestyle! What else did she need to do?

Her friend, Jane, explained that she’d recently been immersed (baptized), which Elsa had never considered necessary. After all, Elsa believed in Christ, who was the Son of God, and had faithfully served Him for almost her whole life. Jane pointed to the Scriptures, which they discussed together. Elsa didn’t know what to do. Dunking herself under water didn’t seem to be a logical act at all. Jane agreed with her friend. “But, if you are truly committed to Jesus, then this simple step of obedience shouldn’t hold you back,” she said.

As humans, we like to have our lives neat and orderly. We plan ahead, discuss the future, take careful steps to ensure that things so smoothly without stumbling blocks or major surprises. Yet, there are things which really don’t make sense but are demanded by God. Having faith in Heaven, an unseen, unprovable place might appear to be foolish in the world’s eyes. And being immersed in water for the forgiveness of sins also might seem to be the same. Being a Christian isn’t joining a club. It is being offered salvation by Almighty God!

If we obey.


Supreme Court Decision

While many are celebrating the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay ‘marriage’, Christians feel as if they have lost something. I am sure many feel backed into a corner and are angry, frustrated and confused. This wasn’t supposed to happen in a country founded upon our forefathers, who fled religious persecution and dominance. But somehow, the cracks in the foundation have been widened by an aggressive and unrelenting homosexual agenda. And, it isn’t over by a long shot!

We have to remember that this decision was made by mere men, appointed judges who determined a point of law. This was not a decision made for Christians nor for the church for which Christ died. Christianity lost nothing. America did!

No one eliminated the Truth. No one proved that the gospel is no longer valid. No one was able to set aside God’s plan for man. The Word never changes, never gives way, never concedes. It will always be the Truth! We can take heart that, despite the rantings of evil mankind, God still reigns, God still forgives and God still saves!

And you can take that to the bank.


Kathy Can Talk

“My spirit serves God by telling the Good News about His Son. I never forget you. God is my witness.” Rom 1:8 (Simple English Bible)

Kathy was a committed Christian woman, a retired widow who’d given her life to Jesus very late in life. She envied those who served the church in a public capacity and wondered how she could also speak as boldly and eloquently as the rest. But she found it difficult. Being in front of a crowd caused her to stutter and stammer despite her desire to speak about her faith in Jesus.

She spoke to one of the elders, a man in his eighties, who still was very active, teaching and visiting hospitals. Her question was simple: how was he able to speak to strangers or crowds without any side effects? They spoke awhile and then he suggested such a simple idea that Kathy kicked herself for not thinking of it herself: she had small tea parties in her home for the elderly from the retirement facility nearby. No stage, no microphone, no jitters. Kathy was overjoyed that she could share the Good News in such a simple manner.

We need church leaders to be vocal and proficient. We also need those behind the scenes who can speak on a personal level to people who they understand and can relate to. Both types of service are essential for the spread of the gospel.

Go ahead, step out and speak, whatever your talent!