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Alice’s New Job

“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?” Anon Christian.

Alice looked forward to going to work every day. She just started a new job after college graduation having been accepted on a six month probationary period and eagerly wanted to fit into the new company. No job was too small. She fetched coffee and snacks for the office managers, stayed late if there were tasks to be done and didn’t mind the long hours. A few times, a few of the men teased her about her appearance, looks and curves. Alice didn’t particularly like that but said nothing, figuring it was just office humor.

The boss didn’t like Christians that much. He told Alice that it would be better if she removed the chain with a gold cross from around her neck and didn’t talk about her faith — she might offend a few people. More suggestions followed: ┬ásince she had a good figure, it would be good if she showed it off a little more. Some of the clients who visited the office seemed to be impressed. When a customer, a married man, asked her to go to dinner, her boss said it might be a good idea. Alice handed in her resignation after three months and found it difficult to find another job.

The world and the ways of the world will always try and change Christians. People will use any excuse to promote their own agenda. They’ll say that it won’t hurt anyone, its only one time, ‘somebody’ will be offended, don’t be so upright or other nonsensical notions. We belong to Christ. We are not of the world even though we must live it in for awhile.

All the rest is window dressing.


The Thankful Man

“I’d rather celebrate Thanksgiving than Christmas!” Anon Christian.

Thanksgiving is a day for family, food and football. It is a time of overeating, over-indulging and oversleeping. It is the last family get together before Christmas so the roads are busy with cars, buses and other transportation, the air is jammed with flights crisscrossing America and it takes a lot longer to get anywhere. For most people, it is a time of being together and sharing.

It is only celebrated in America. Other countries are curious about this special holiday and wonder what the turkey is for, why there is Indian corn on the table and how this time of fellowship and thankfulness came about. My home in Cape Town is usually the venue for a group of Christian from various backgrounds: ┬áAfrikaners, Brazilians, Americans and South Africans. They all have come to understand and appreciate God’s true bounty and blessings. One year, one of the men made that comment above. He enjoyed Thanksgiving more than Christmas Day itself!

I think is it a great time to remember. Yes, there are commercial profiteers who make a buck and use the holiday to pump up profits but for all the glamor and glitter, there are those who take time to thank our Father for His grace and mercy. They remember their roots and where America came from. They appreciate their homes and loved ones, raising their faces to Heaven in special thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Richie’s Confusion

“This is what God told us: He has given us eternal life. This eternal life is in His Son.” I John 5:11 (Simple English Bible)

Richie was confused. He was in Middle School and learned about evolution in science class. The drawings and explanations were very elaborate and even the video that was shown, was very impressive. Everything sounded so scientific and factual. When he was about to complete his homework, his Dad came home from work. Richie asked about the idea of evolution and whether or not Jesus believed in it! His father was amused at first but then saw the uncertainty in his son’s eyes.

The answer was simple, he explained to Richie. If evolution was true, then there wasn’t a need for Christ or God at all. Evolution meant that there was no life after death and there would be no Heaven. Mankind was just a branch along a long chain of mammals that had died out along the way. He showed his son the promise of God for eternal life. So it came to this, one or the other: ┬ánothing or everything. Richie smiled, he finally understood what it meant to belong to God.

The apostle John was clear about God’s promise through His Son. He wasn’t vague about it nor minced his words. To him, it was simply a fact of life. Eternal life! And we can have confidence today that it is still a fact no matter what others may propose or state as truth. We are assured of our Father’s promise. He has never failed any of His promises!