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Container Unloaded 2016!

Prayers have been answered, a Bible already given to an African in need! Yes, the container arrived a few hours ago and was unloaded in double quick time.

The short term mission team, Team SA, were here to unload what they loaded in Michigan! Two men each from Central Christian Church in Battle Creek, two from Northview Christian Church in Coldwater and two from Lake James Christian Assembly now have sore backs, strained shoulders and happy smiles.

The driver of the delivery truck, Bro CharlieRead More

Free Parking

“Put up with one another. If someone has a problem with somebody else, forgive each other as the Lord forgave you.” Col 3:13 (Simple English Bible)

Initially, it wasn’t a serious bone of contention. Just a parking spot outside the main entrance of the church. One man, who’d been attending the congregation for many years, felt that he had been pushed out of his spot because he’d been away for a year on business. A young couple with a baby, who usually arrived earlier, had staked a claim on the convenient piece of tarmac. Words were exchanged, feelings were hurt and a stiff silence intruded.

Each tried to arrive earlier before the main service to capture the spot. One tried to recruit other members to their side. It soon became a matter for the elders to decide. A row erupted after an evening service as people exited the building. The leadership couldn’t decide who could claim the spot. Instead, the two parties were called together in the office and each was asked to pray for the other! Within five minutes, the dispute was settled. Neither party parked in that spot again.

One of the greatest Christian attributes is forgiveness. We have so much to be forgiven and God has generously showed His grace and compassion to forgive us of all wrong. It is essential for us to use another Christian attribute to forgive one another:  prayer.



Work for Ernie

“You have been saved by God’s gracious love through faith. Salvation does not come from you. It is God’s gift. It does not come from human effort. If that were true, someone could brag about it.” Gal 2:8-9 (Simple English Bible)

Ernie was always busy repairing, cleaning and maintaining the church building. He ensured that the grounds were watered, lawn mowed and weeded the flower beds. He was in constant motion. While the members appreciated his efforts, it seemed to some that Ernie was over jealous and was constantly picking on people who walked over the grass or neglected to wipe their feet before they entered the building.

Of course, he was proud of his efforts to maintain a pristine look for the church property. He liked to tell everyone what he had done and the plans that he had in mind for the future. It took the leadership several attempts to slow him down and explain that his frantic activities were distracting people from their service, too. Ernie was just afraid he wasn’t doing enough for his faith.

God has work for all of His children. We are endowed with different talents at different times to meet the needs of Christians and those outside the faith, too. We should be zealous to do His work but also, we have to bear in time that there is a time and place for everything. And, too, when we get to Heaven, it won’t stop either!